New identity politics

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New identity politics by Mind Map: New identity politics

1. Latino activism

1.1. * new migration from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba in 1950s and 1960s * historical and cultural differences between three of them * Latino groups made it difficult to develop common political agenda * after world War two a weak of island economy brought more than a million Puerto Rico into New York *they can move back home again * slum, not a economic activity in area where they settle * discrimination and segregation * some Latinos band together * they moves from urban to cities * Mexico largest group *1960s move to cities * jobs improved *agriculture worker bad condition * activism from high school, college students

2. Choices of Amer indains

2.1. * the Civil right movements effect American indain * radicatization came not from indain reservation *termination: end the reservation system * indain object the termination * other already move into other cities * in 1960s indain shaped their own political agenda

3. Asian Americans

3.1. New Topic

3.2. * reform act increase of Asia immigrants *1960 less then 1 %, 2 % in 1985 * immigrants were model minorities

4. Gay rights

4.1. 1972 * conformist * established gay cultural in which they felt free * one group called acceptance as full equals * police arrested gays and lesbains * 1947 guys achieve their rights

5. Feminism

5.1. *Struggled for women rights * national organization for women * argued about sexism * higher education level allowed women to enter an economy oriented increase

6. Equal rights/ abortion

6.1. * two issues - equal rights amendment to the constitution - repeal of state antiabortion laws. * strick women abortion * as three month of pregnancy become readily available * right to life amendment to the constitution