Musical Genres

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Musical Genres by Mind Map: Musical Genres

1. House

1.1. Genre already purely electronic

1.2. Chicago became popular

1.3. It is influenced by the more soul and funk variants of disco music.

2. Rock

2.1. It started in the 50's in the 60's

2.2. Arose thanks to the type of music known as

2.2.1. Rhyhm

2.2.2. Blues

2.2.3. Country

2.3. Very marked rhythm

3. Country

3.1. Folk subgenre

3.2. It emerged in 1920 specifically in the US

3.3. Is characterized by the use of stringed instruments

3.3.1. The guitar

3.3.2. The banjo

3.3.3. The simple violin

3.3.4. The double bass

4. Reggaeton

4.1. Is derived from reggae

4.2. Very popular to this day

4.3. Early 1990s in Puerto Rico.

4.4. Was born from a cultural and musical movement among young people from Puerto Rico.

5. Salsa

5.1. Dance music genre

5.2. Afro-Caribbean rhythms (mainly Cuban)

5.3. Expanded in the late 1960s

5.4. Salsa has become one of the most important forms of popular music in the world.

6. Pop Music

6.1. Origin in the late 1950s

6.2. Combination of different genres

6.2.1. Derived from Folk rock Roll easy listening Acoustic music

6.3. It's very eclectic

6.4. Origin in the US and the UK