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Water by Mind Map: Water

1. Access to clean water for drinking and sanitary purposes is a precondition for human health and well-being.

1.1. While in Europe the entire population has access to drinking water, in other states it is not the same, since it is contaminated

2. Some groups of organisms such as algae and some animals that live at the bottom of the water can change their composition due to climate change and water pollution.

2.1. A change of habitat can also occur due to some disturbances that the water may suffer, such as sand extraction, river dredging, etc.

3. Water quality is influenced by pollution from point sources in two ways, direct and diffuse, either from rural and urban communities, industrial and agriculture.

3.1. In agriculture, pollutants such as: Pesticity, sediments and fecal microbes are involved, while point sources refer to chemical products, among others.