Responding To The Challenges Of Online Education

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Responding To The Challenges Of Online Education by Mind Map: Responding To The Challenges Of Online Education

1. Example -Calling out student names to encourage them to reflect on what ther learned.

2. Example -A few of students who irresponsible just attend the class when lecturers call their name , then they will do something else such as sleep through entire the class

3. Example -This online learning also difficult for both of student and lecturers , like student cant fully understands what the lecturers teach , and the lecturers will be difficult to deliver their lesson.

4. 1

4.1. Main Idea -Covid-19 Lockdown.

4.2. Example -No face -to -face classes anymore.

4.3. Supporting Detail -Teachers , lectures and student are required to study at home.

5. 2

5.1. Main Idea -Issues of access to hardware and connectivity.

5.2. Supporting Detail -Lecturers and teachers have had to conduct online classes from home.

5.3. Example -Have to face problems in going live for virtual learning and other platforms that require internet connection. -A slow and high internet connection play an important role in how quickly student can attend the class and do not miss any live sessions.

5.4. Supporting Detail -Universities and schools have prolonged the online mode of delivery for classee as the uncertainty of a full recovery threatens.

6. 3

6.1. Main Idea -How to build deliver engaging content.

6.2. Supporting Detail -Overcome the initial learning curve and begun to gain students attention in classes.

6.3. Example -Ask question to student. -Ask students to open the camera.

7. 4

7.1. Some of students cant log in the online classes platform because of internet

7.2. connection problem especially for students who stay in village

8. 5

8.1. Main Idea -Since attendance is a requisite , many log in , take attendance and then engage in other activities.

8.2. Supporting Detail -Completing assignments for other classes or even simply not attending at all.

9. 6

9.1. Main Idea -Online learning is a new norm to student and teacher.

10. 7

10.1. Main Idea -Learning strategies.

10.2. Supporting Detail -Encourage student to answer the question from lecturer.