Richard Harbridge

This is my Visual Resume. It explains using Mind Mapping how much value I can provide to your organization.

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Richard Harbridge by Mind Map: Richard Harbridge

1. Proficient Skills

1.1. Business

1.1.1. Accounting

1.1.2. Analysis Business Industry Systems

1.1.3. Architecture Enterprise Technical

1.1.4. Business Process Discovery Mapping Improvement/Automation

1.1.5. Business Value Planning Services

1.1.6. Client Management

1.1.7. Communication

1.1.8. Design Information Architecture Systems Taxonomy

1.1.9. Human Resources Recruiting Onboarding Development

1.1.10. Knowledge Management Information Architecture Taxonomy

1.1.11. Management Team Department Practice Community

1.1.12. Mind Mapping IBIS Mapping

1.1.13. Project Management Budgeting Management Prioritization Proposing Resourcing Risk Analysis Scoping

1.1.14. Public Speaking

1.1.15. Research

1.1.16. Systems Administration

1.1.17. Training

1.2. Technology

1.2.1. Development .NET Development SharePoint Development Webparts Workflows Event Receivers Solutions Features Page Layouts Master Pages Application Pages BDC Entities BCS ECTs (External Content Types) Microsoft Office Development InfoPath Development Access Development Excel Development Word Development Languages C# VB JavaScript HTML HTML5 SilverLight CSS XSL XML SQL Development Queries Stored Procedures SQL Server Reporting Services Visual Source Safe NUnit Development Unit Testing

1.2.2. Extranets Strategy Design Implementation Support

1.2.3. Internet Websites Strategy Design Implementation Support

1.2.4. Intranets Strategy Design Implementation Support User Adoption

1.2.5. Open Source Wordpress Drupal Alfresco

1.2.6. Microsoft Groove InfoPath Office Access Excel Outlook Word Microsoft Dynamics CRM AX PerformancePoint Project SharePoint 2003 2007 2010 SharePoint Designer 2007 2010 SharePoint Workspace/Groove SQL SSRS UAG/ISA Visio Visual Studio C# .Net SharePoint

1.2.7. Portals

1.2.8. Salesforce

1.2.9. Social Media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube

2. Who Am I?

2.1. Interests

2.1.1. New Technology

2.1.2. Artificial Intelligence

2.1.3. Social Computing

2.1.4. Programming

2.1.5. Analysis

2.1.6. Microsoft Technology

2.1.7. Psychology

2.1.8. Business

2.1.9. Self Development/Self Improvement

2.1.10. Science

2.1.11. Management

2.2. Contact

2.2.1. Email: [email protected]

2.2.2. City: Boston

2.2.3. State: MA

2.2.4. Country: United States

2.3. On The Web




3. Speaking and Community

3.1. Speaking

3.1.1. BA Insights SharePoint in the Cloud: Uncovering Business Value

3.1.2. Best Practices DC The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.3. Best Practices La Jolla The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need To Know Is Your SharePoint Really Healthy? What's The Right Prescription?

3.1.4. Boston Area SharePoint User Group SharePoint Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know Powerful Columns You Probably Didn't Know About Is Your SharePoint Really Healthy? What's The Right Prescription?

3.1.5. DC SharePoint User Group SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know

3.1.6. Dell Partner Conference Growing SharePoint Sales

3.1.7. Enterprise 2.0 SharePoint 2010 as a Social and Collaboration Platform: Key Opportunities and Roadblocks SharePoint in the Cloud: Should You Switch? Social in the Flow of Work: What's Really Happening?

3.1.8. ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) SharePoint in the Cloud

3.1.9. Microsoft Nailing a Technology Sale

3.1.10. New Hampshire SharePoint User Group The Steps to Effective SharePoint Governance

3.1.11. Oklahoma SharePoint User Group The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.12. Technology Sales Conference SharePoint as an Innovation Platform

3.1.13. Share - The SharePoint Conference For Business Users The Steps to Effective SharePoint Governance The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors Looking to the Future - SharePoint in the Cloud

3.1.14. SharePoint Fest Dallas The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.15. SharePoint Fest Denver The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know Is Your SharePoint Really Healthy? What's The Right Prescription?

3.1.16. SharePoint Fest Chicago SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know

3.1.17. SharePoint Live SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know The Steps To Effective SharePoint Governance

3.1.18. SharePoint Saturday Boston The SharePoint Story for Success: How to Manage and Implement SharePoint Projects The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.19. SharePoint Saturday DC The SharePoint Story for Success The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.20. SharePoint Saturday DC Federal The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.21. SharePoint Saturday East Bay The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.22. SharePoint Saturday Hartford SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know

3.1.23. SharePoint Saturday India SharePoint Success: How to Manage and Implement SharePoint Projects

3.1.24. SharePoint Saturday Kansas City The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know

3.1.25. SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.26. SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire

3.1.27. SharePoint Saturday New York The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know The Steps To Effective Governance

3.1.28. SharePoint Saturday Michigan Future Proofing Your SharePoint Strategy (and Tactics)

3.1.29. SharePoint Saturday Redmond The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.30. SharePoint Saturday The Conference The Steps To Effective Governance Is Your SharePoint Really Healthy? What's The Right Prescription? SharePoint Information Architecture That Really Works

3.1.31. SharePoint Saturday South Florida The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors Future Proofing Your SharePoint Strategy (and Tactics)

3.1.32. SharePoint Saturday Toronto SharePoint Success: How to Manage and Implement SharePoint Projects The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.33. SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach The SharePoint Story For Success: How to Manage and Implement SharePoint Projects The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors The Steps to Effective SharePoint Governance SharePoint 2010 Integration and Interoperability: Everything You Need to Know

3.1.34. SharePoint Strategy Summit Best Practices for SharePoint Adoption Abstract: SharePoint might seem nearly ubiquitous as an enterprise collaboration platform, yet many organizations are still in the process of deciding whether or how to adopt it as part of a broader intranet platform. In the meantime, Microsoft is heavily touting new social and community services in the latest version, SharePoint 2010. Get an objective overview of what works well—and poorly—in SharePoint 2010. Future Proofing Your SharePoint Strategy Abstract: SharePoint is constantly evolving. This session will provide best practices for ensuring your SharePoint implementation will succeed over time. SharePoint 20??: What's Next? Abstract: In this wrap-up session, the experts will share their thoughts on the future of the SharePoint platform and give advice on how you can prepare to meet these future challenges and opportunities.

3.1.35. SharePoint Symposium Which Approach to SharePoint Governance Is Right For You? Abstract: Everyone agrees governance is critical — even essential — to long-term success with SharePoint. But how to do it and where to start? Join a panel of consultants and customers who will outline different ways that they’ve gotten SharePoint under control within their organizations. There’s no simple answer here — but you should come away with an approach that works for you. Should I Use SharePoint For WCM (Web Content Management)? Abstract: With SharePoint 2007, Microsoft added web content management (WCM) services to the platform, and those capabilities have been upgraded in SharePoint 2010. Yet, SharePoint has not swept the WCM marketplace, and its main competitors continue to expand. What’s going on, and what does it mean for you? Join a panel of WCM integrators who implement multiple different tools to learn about when to use SharePoint for web content management and when to explore other alternatives. Stump The SharePoint Consultant Abstract: Bring your toughest, thorniest, most intractable Share-Point project challenge to the session. A team of experienced consultants will compete to offer you the best advice in 2 minutes or less. The twist, though, is that none of the consultants can hear the answers that the others give. You’ll hear clever, insightful, likely controversial, and sometimes entertaining answers to your questions. The real winner of the session is the audience. Not only do you get some great advice, the attendee deemed to have submitted the toughest problem will win a prize. The Steps to Effective SharePoint Governance

3.1.36. SPTechCon Practical Tools and Techniques for the SharePoint Information Architect Is Your SharePoint Healthy? What's The Right Prescription? The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.37. The Experts Conference The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors

3.1.38. Toronto SharePoint Camp The SharePoint Story for Success: How to Manage and Implement SharePoint Projects

3.1.39. Toronto SharePoint User Group SharePoint 2010 and Social Computing Abstract: In this session we will explore SharePoint 2010's Social Features such as Ratings, Tags, Discussions, Blogs, Wikis, Social Search (People Search and Socials Impact on Search), and the new MySites. Not only will we discuss all of these things but we will also delve into the business value and reasoning behind these features and why they are important for the Enterprise (within the four walls).

3.1.40. YearUp DC Tips for Greater Success: Know, Prove and Improve Your Value

3.2. Community

3.2.1. PR Lead for TEDxWaterloo

3.2.2. Co-Founder of Mississauga SharePoint User Group

3.2.3. Founder of the SharePoint Business Community

3.2.4. Channel Facilitator at

4. Industy Experience

4.1. Automotive Industry

4.2. Banking

4.3. Computer

4.4. Construction

4.5. Consulting

4.6. Education

4.6.1. Unions

4.6.2. Schools

4.6.3. School Boards

4.6.4. Universities

4.7. Energy

4.8. Financial Services

4.9. Legal

4.10. Manufacturing

4.11. Municipalities

4.12. Pharmaceuticals

4.13. Private Equity

4.14. Publishing

4.14.1. Internet

4.14.2. Book

4.14.3. Press

4.15. Software

4.16. Technology

5. Education/Certifications

5.1. Computer Programmer/Analyst

5.1.1. @Conestoga

5.1.2. Honour Roll

5.1.3. Business Awards

5.2. AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP)

5.3. Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

5.3.1. PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator

5.3.2. PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications

5.4. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

5.4.1. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 - Application Development

5.4.2. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 - Configuring

5.4.3. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 - Application Development

5.4.4. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 - Configuring

5.4.5. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Configuring

5.4.6. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Application Development

5.5. Microsoft Sales Specialist (MSS)

5.5.1. Business Intelligence (BI)

5.5.2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

5.5.3. Data Platform

5.5.4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

5.5.5. Identity And Security

5.5.6. Private Cloud

5.5.7. Unified Communications (Lync)

5.5.8. Unified Communications (Exchange)

5.5.9. Virtualization

5.5.10. Server Platform

5.5.11. Systems Management

5.5.12. Windows Intune

5.6. Microsoft Achievement

5.6.1. Microsoft Business Value Planning Services Specialist

6. Experience

6.1. Senior SharePoint Evangelist/Lead Consultant

6.1.1. Where: Allin Consulting

6.1.2. When: June 2010 - Present

6.1.3. Description: Consulted on enterprise administration, taxonomy, and governance operations and procedures. Worked with many challenging clients to develop powerful SharePoint solutions, intranets, extranets, and internet facing websites. Developed educational and training materials for the general public as well as large audiences. Utilized social media outlets to demonstrate/share expertise and thought leadership. Supported pre-sales and technical solution engineering rapidly growing SharePoint practice talent and experience within the organization.

6.2. SharePoint Business Analyst

6.2.1. Where: Cosma International (Magna)

6.2.2. When: May 2009 - July 2010

6.2.3. Description: Worked within People Development and Training to significantly improve User Adoption, Communication, Governance, and the organizations Technology Strategy around SharePoint. The organizational challenges of such a decentralized organization improved my ability to deal with rapid change, a very hands on environment, and differing cultures while at the same time introducing me to the complexities of a large international enterprise.

6.3. Business Process Analyst

6.3.1. Where: Compugen

6.3.2. When: July 2008 - May 2009

6.3.3. Description: Performed project management, process definition, forms automation, process re-engineering, and workflow design/development. (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, InfoPath, Windows Workflow Foundation, K2, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, PerformancePoint, SQL Reporting Services) Interacted with many different departments learning their terminology, processes methodology, and how to better apply my knowledge of technology to come up with new and innovative solutions for business problems.

6.4. Business Analyst/Consultant

6.4.1. Where: Concept Interactive

6.4.2. When: June 2007 - June 2008

6.4.3. Description: Directly managed and implemented many successful intranets, extranets, and internet sites for school boards, municipalities, unions, entertainment companies, and utility companies. (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (ECM, WCM, BDC/BI Solutions), InfoPath, Windows Workflow Foundation, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio)

6.5. Lead Developer

6.5.1. Where: Concept Interactive

6.5.2. When: May 2006 - June 2007

6.5.3. Description: Managed and lead projects for various portal solutions (intranets, extranets, internet websites). The activities performed included client workshops (Requirements Gathering, Process Definition), client training (Development, End User, Administration), analysis, architecture, design, development (.Net, C#, WSS, MOSS, WWF, Javascript, XSL, SQL), documentation, testing (Unit, SIT, UAT), implementation, support, domain/systems administration, and project administration.

6.6. Project Lead

6.6.1. Where: Inventive Ingenuity

6.6.2. When: January 2006 - May 2006

6.6.3. Description: Lead, managed and implemented e-commerce solutions. (Online Scheduling, Online Booking, Content Management, Search Services, Contract Management, Client Management, Client Training, Requirements Analysis, Scope Definition, Architecture, Documentation)

7. Recommendations

7.1. Reggie Rowlandson

7.1.1. When: July 10, 2009

7.1.2. Relationship: Managed/Worked With Richard at Concept Interactive

7.1.3. Recommendation: I don't think I know anyone with the same intensity as Richard. His drive would push our team to new limits. I could always depend on his research and analysis skills to find new ways to solve a difficult problems. I really enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

7.2. Steven Mumby

7.2.1. When: February 24, 2009

7.2.2. Relationship: Hired Richard as an IT Consultant in 2008

7.2.3. Recommendation: The City of Waterloo launched an intranet solution in early 2009. Richard was a part of the team responsible for designing, customizing, and implementing that solution. Richard attended and consulted with end users during the requirements gathering phase to ensure expectations of the solution would be met and acted as a technical resource for the project manager. He was always courteous, professional, and focused. Richard also worked in tandem with the project manager to offer training to end users once the solution was ready for launch. I attended that training session and was impressed by Richard's ability to demystify technical terms and processes to a largely non-technical audience. Above all, what impresses me most about Richard is his enthusiasm and dedication to what he does. Richard's role as a SharePoint consultant for the City of Waterloo is over now, but I continue to seek his guidance as I ramp up my SharePoint knowledge. I am grateful for Richard's continued advice, encouragement, and consultation. I highly recommend Richard for any future venture he may have opportunity to participate in and hope to work with him in the future.

7.3. Eric Landry

7.3.1. When: February 12, 2009

7.3.2. Relationship: Managed Richard Indirectly at Concept Interactive

7.3.3. Recommendation: Richard came to Concept as a developer and quickly proved himself ready to stretch and grow. He took on the leadership role in various development projects, and further challenged himself to move into business analysis, interacting with clients and leading customer engagements. With a desire to learn, he seeks out advice and opportunities to improve, and always looks for ways to innovate, add value and make positive contributions to his team, his company and his clients.

7.4. Tina Uhrig

7.4.1. When: November 11, 2008

7.4.2. Relationship: Managed Richard Indirectly at Concept Interactive

7.4.3. Recommendation: Richard is a very unique and dedicated individual who during his time at Concept had an amazing impact on the entire development/consulting team. He was highly respected by his co-workers for the amount of dedication he gave to each and every project he worked on, as well as his desire to help anyone anytime he could. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone as he would truly prove to be a major asset to any organization.

7.5. Mike Morawski

7.5.1. When: March 2, 2009

7.5.2. Relationship: Worked Directly with Richard at Concept Interactive

7.5.3. Recommendation: This guy amazes me to no end. He is by far the most personable I know. He can work alongside with any person, anyone, and do a great job working together. He led some extremely successful projects with me, everything was smooth and well planned and attacked. He was (and still very much is) involved in online and local communities that related to his job and helped everyone else out. If I had to recommend anyone a person that required excellent inter/intrapersonal skills, anything designing/analyzing/consulting it would definitely be Richard.

7.6. Corey Dutson

7.6.1. When: March 30, 2008

7.6.2. Relationship: Worked Directly with Richard at Concept Interactive

7.6.3. Recommendation: Richard Harbridge is a dedicated worker, and a strong project lead. His ability at analysis and client interaction give him a strong set of skills when determining both what a client needs as well as the best way to deliver what is required. Great to work with on any project.

7.7. Pardeep Sharma

7.7.1. When: October 15, 2008

7.7.2. Relationship: Worked Directly with Richard at Concept Interactive

7.7.3. Recommendation: Richard is an articulate and cultured orator. He is a person who is committed, involved and responsive. In working with Richard I found his professionalism, knowledge and honesty to be his trademark. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

7.8. Bartek Ciszkowski

7.8.1. When: November 13, 2008

7.8.2. Relationship: Worked directly with Richard at Inventive Ingenuity

7.8.3. Recommendation: During a large project, Richard was a very good leader on making sure things were getting done, organizing our tasks and helping us meet the deadline.

7.9. Taylor Jackson

7.9.1. When: October 16, 2009

7.9.2. Relationship: Client of Richard Harbridge

7.9.3. Recommendation: Richard was absolutely fantastic to work with. We were implementing a Sharepoint solution and needed a little bit (alright - a lot) of outside consulting. He somehow managed to anticipate our needs and problems before we even knew we had them. He's a great guy, a true professional, and a huge bank of knowledge on anything Sharepoint. I can't say enough good things about him.

7.10. David Hopper

7.10.1. When: April 16, 2009

7.10.2. Relationship: Director of Sales worked with Richard at Compugen

7.10.3. Recommendation: Richard is a highly capable and skilled Sharepoint programmer and business analyst. He has a very good understanding of business process, and is able to efficiently and effectively translate needs into effective solutions. He has a strong project management discipline and communicates well throughout the envisioning and development process. I'd highly recommend Richard.

7.11. Dean Reid

7.11.1. When: June 9, 2009

7.11.2. Relationship: IT Director, Managed Richard at Compugen

7.11.3. Recommendation: Richard is a very energetic and extremely knowledgeable resource that I consider myself fortunate to have worked with. I truly believe he knows everything there is to know about Sharepoint (his focal point while at Compugen). However, his knowledge is not limited to this or any technology as Richard has a wide variety of interests and skill sets. Richard would make a great addition to any organization.

7.12. David Smith

7.12.1. When: August 14, 2009

7.12.2. Relationship: Director of Learning, Indirectly Managed at Cosma International

7.12.3. Recommendation: Richard is a humble, thoughtful, & intelligent communicator. His excellent knowledge of SharePoint coupled with his ability to see through complex business situations makes him a very valuable member of the team here at Cosma. Highly technically skillful, Richard excels in relationship building & putting people at ease with good solid SharePoint, Intranet, Communicatinos, & Business advice. His innate strength lies in his ability to manage multiple business interactions in a calm & unflustered manner, always creating a "we can do this" dynamic in any business discussion. On a personal level his youthful and willing attitude make him a very popular member of our team overall. I am very glad our paths crossed when they did & I am honored to have him as a team mate & colleague.

7.13. Alexander Legaspi

7.13.1. When: November 24, 2009

7.13.2. Relationship: Project Manager and Creative Coordinator, worked with at Cosma International

7.13.3. Recommendation: Richard is a very interesting, compassionate, dynamic, caring & inspiring individual who is deeply knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, particularly in Microsoft Sharepoint & MS Products. I've never met anyone as young and energetic as Richard who is charismatic in nature. He captivates small and large audiences be it in meetings or conferences, he is a people person and enjoys being part of the knowledge-based industry in social networking and emerging market trends. He is active on all fronts from user groups TEDx events and would definitely be an asset in any initiative or project small or grandiose.

7.14. Kirill Karmi

7.14.1. When: November 26, 2009

7.14.2. Relationship: Project Manager, worked with at Cosma International

7.14.3. Recommendation: Richard is a great person with a unique and uncommon combination of personal and professional skills. Being extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise, he is always open to new ideas, different points of view and constructive criticism. Very easy to work with, Richard quickly became a go-to person for everything that relates to SharePoint. He possesses a very wide range of knowledge starting with architectural aspect of this extremely complicated and constantly developing platform, combined with development and user interaction skills. He is always looking at better ways to use technology and proper approaches to apply it to match user expectations and readiness. He is open to sharing his knowledge with anyone, doesn’t keep anything close to his chest and has no political agenda. To summaries, it is a pleasure working with this enthusiastic and eager guy.

7.15. Ruven Gotz

7.15.1. When: January 19, 2010

7.15.2. Relationship: SharePoint MVP and Recognized SharePoint Business Expert, worked with on various workshops and through community activities.

7.15.3. Recommendation: I have known Richard through the Toronto SharePoint Users Group and as a speaker at SharePoint conferences in Canada and the U.S. Richard is one of those rare people who is deeply technical while at the same time having a clear understanding of people & business. His skills and knowledge with SharePoint illustrate this: He has a detailed understanding of the product, and applies that understanding through creative solutions that efficiently solve real business problems. Richard is an engaging speaker who brings his unique point of view to his presentations. I would look forward to working on projects with Richard if the opportunity arose.

7.16. Senka Donches

7.16.1. When: January 19, 2010

7.16.2. Relationship: Project Manager, worked with at Cosma International

7.16.3. Recommendation: Richard is a highly enthusiastic person who shows an enormous amount of passion in the work he does! He is incredibly knowlegable and quick to asssit any of his collegues in any projects they may be working on!

7.17. Jason MacKenzie

7.17.1. When: June 8, 2010

7.17.2. Relationship: Manager of Global Business Solutions, worked with at Cosma International

7.17.3. Recommendation: It was a pleasure to have worked with Richard during my time at Magna International. His enthusiasm and positivity are boundless. He's an innately and innovator and his ability to provide fresh, out-of-the-box perspectives to seemingly traditional business problems was exciting to be a part of. Richard also demonstrates extraordinary leadership potential and I am fully confident he will achieve great success in his life. Most importantly of all, Richard is a person of character and integrity who can be relied on to deliver what he says he will when he says he will. Best of luck to you Richard.

7.18. Brian Carpenter

7.18.1. When: October 31, 2010

7.18.2. Relationship: Managing Director, managed me at Allin Consulting

7.18.3. Recommendation: Working with Richard is a privilege. He is an outstaning communicator and presenter, has an unprecedented work ethic and a real ability to educate and engage those around him. I am most impressed by the vigor in which he sets and pursues long term goals and his ability to constantly contribute original ideas to our organization. All of this, combined with first class SharePoint and Technology Consultanting skills make Richard an irreplaceable assest to the business and an absolute pleasure to work with.

7.19. David Wilhelm

7.19.1. When: May 17, 2011

7.19.2. Relationship: President at SharePoint Fest, managed speaker coordination.

7.19.3. Recommendation: Richard was involved as a speaker at our most recent SharePoint Fest event in Dallas and was regarded by my team and by many attendees I spoke with as a dynamic and creative SharePoint thinker and speaker. Richard is held in uniquely high regard around the SharePoint community and without a doubt earned the respect and gratitude of SharePoint Fest, so much so that he will be speaking at all of our events in 2011! I consider our organization lucky to be affiliated with such a talent and hope our partnership continues for many years to come!

7.20. Rick Baccari

7.20.1. When: August 22, 2011

7.20.2. Relationship: Account Executive, worked directly with me.

7.20.3. Recommendation: Richard has more enthusiasm, more focus, and more drive than almost anyone I have known. It doesn't come close to doing him justice by saying he is an expert in SharePoint. He is the definition of a team player, and has helped speed up the sales process by providing more weight, by being that talented, and having that much technical expertise. It goes without saying Richard continues to be, and will always be a huge asset to any team he is part of.

7.21. Raghu Vohra

7.21.1. When: September 14, 2011

7.21.2. Relationship: Director of Strategic Initiatives, worked directly with me.

7.21.3. Recommendation: I had the privilege of working with Richard at Allin Consulting. Whether during his Project Lead Roles or SharePoint Lead roles, Richard has always executed at a high standard with enthusiasm and commitment. As our SharePoint Practice Lead, Richard was a true pillar in his ability to gather information and work with our dev and delivery teams for executing multiple projects on time. While working with Richard on the FinServe Initiatives, I was always impressed by his knack of turning vision from paper into real. His ability to work with different teams, ability to innovate and execute is an asset to any team he belongs to. I would confidently recommend Richard to any company and would be delighted to work with him again in the future.

7.22. Gabriel Landowski

7.22.1. When: September 26, 2011

7.22.2. Relationship: Senior Information Architect, worked directly with me.

7.22.3. Recommendation: Richard has to be one of the smartest people I know. When you interact with him you can see his intellect clicking like a precision Swiss watch. That being said, the best thing about him is he is very personable. He never makes others feel left behind or out of the loop. He cares more about doing what is right by the customer then what is most profitable for the company. He is a corner stone for any organization lucky enough to employ him.

7.23. Adam Krueger

7.23.1. When: December 9, 2011

7.23.2. Relationship: Creative Director, worked directly with me.

7.23.3. Relationship: I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Richard on several engagements and, in general, the opportunity to glean from him numerous valuable concepts and skills. Richard is a true thought leader: capable of transforming corporate culture and process for the better. Underlying this is a strong ethical commitment to do what is right by colleague and client alike. I strongly recommend Richard as a lead technology consultant irrespective of the nature or complexity of the project.