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WellAwareSystems by Mind Map: WellAwareSystems

1. Address: 810 7th Street Santa Rosa California 95404 United States Phone: 510-260-7120 Website: https://wellawaresystems.com/ WellAwareSystems is a resource site for those who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The site was made by our founder who discovered that he could be suffering from the condition around a decade ago when he was still in his late twenties. The years of suffering sleepless nights because of snoring and other discomfort brought by OSA were further compounded with a large amount of travel as required by his occupation as a design engineer. To this day, Thomas still bears in mind the confusion, fear, and uncertainty he felt upon finding out that he really stopped breathing frequently during sleep. He figured it was probably a good idea to reach out to fellow OSA sufferers for that simple reassurance that sleep apnea is manageable and is not as scary as once thought… That was how WellAwareSystems was born.