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SONG by Mind Map: SONG

1. PURPOSE: Songs are used to express feeling and idea in an entertainment world.Songs can be used to deliver social criticism,the moral values are hidden in the lyrics.

2. LANGUAGE FEATURES: Imagery;imagery describes about feeling and emotions. Rhytm;rhytm creates mood.

3. DEFINITION: a Song is a single work of music intended to be sung by the human voice with distinct and fixed pitches and patterns using sound and silence and a variety of forms that often include the repetition of sections.

4. ELEMENT OF THE SONG: -Introduction ( the music at the beginning of a song) -Verses ( the lines of a song,describing the concept and theme of the song) -Chorus ( the lines of a song that are repeatedly sung) -Bridge ( the part of a song that has relatively different melody from the rest of the song) -Outro ( the additional lines of a song which bring it to a close)

5. FIGURE OF SPEECH: -Metaphor (comparing two things that are not alike suggest that they actually have something in common. -Simile (Comparies two things using "like" or " as") -Hyperbole (A dramatic language,big exaggeration,usually with humor) -Personification (An object appear like a person) -Allititration (The repetation of the same beginning sound in a series of words)