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Laila Mohammed by Mind Map: Laila Mohammed

1. Weaknesses I have identified

1.1. Not always motivated

1.1.1. I have found moments where I've just wanted to stay in bed and not do anything whether that be actual work or any chores that I may have

1.2. Easily distracted

1.2.1. Whilst working, my attention span is limited when it comes to something I am not doing something which I am passionate about, leading me to go on my phone, watch some TV causing myself to fall behind.

1.3. Don't like to take charge until I have to

1.3.1. I have never seen myself as being a leader of a group, I prefer getting told what I have to do as a part of my team and get it done.

1.4. Tend to argue if I disagree with a point I am educated in

1.4.1. With this weakness, I try to understand where the other person is coming from however if I do not see the logic or factual information to backup the point I tend to express that they are wrong

1.5. Tend to procrastinate work

1.5.1. I have found myself in situations where I have delayed work until the very last second and stress over it

2. Strengths I have identified

2.1. Team worker

2.1.1. I believe I am able to work in new and different teams each time, as we all have a common goal we can share which is completing a task

2.2. Communicative

2.2.1. When I require to get a point across, or need to deliver a message. I believe I am able to speak with confidence and effectively get across what I am trying to say

2.3. Creative

2.3.1. I'd like to say I have been gifted with a creative mind being able to come up with different approaches and ideas that may have been overlooked at first

2.4. Organized

2.4.1. When it comes to work, I'd like to have everything organised so I understand what I am doing and where everything is.

2.4.2. When it comes to work, I'd like to have everything organised so I understand what I am doing and where everything is. It helps when I try to complete a task as I do not have to mess around and look for something that may have been misplaced

2.5. Friendly

2.5.1. Being friendly is something I love to do, being able to talk and get along with people straight away makes life a lot easier

2.6. Listening

3. How Weaknesses can be addressed

3.1. Motivation

3.1.1. Try to find incentives which will help push me and reach targets that I set for myself. Such as rewarding myself for writing a page with a little break or a sweet as an award to myself

3.2. Distractions

3.2.1. Try to keep any distractions as far away as possible, such as turning my phone off.

3.2.2. Using website blockers so I do not go on Netflix and accidentally watch a whole TV series. This will allow me to completely focus on the task at hand and get it done a lot quicker

3.3. Leadership

3.3.1. Try to put myself in those positions more so than I do currently so I can try to adjust and overcome my fear of being a bad team leader. And this will help improve my leadership skills

3.4. Arguing

3.4.1. Understand where people are coming from and try to refrain from arguing but rather try to explain where I am coming from until an agreement is made

4. Career Plans

4.1. Sustainable Energy

4.1.1. In the future I hope to work within the engineering industry to help tackle the current crisis we face.

4.1.2. My goal would be to help build and design sustainable energy sources away from fossil fuels.

4.2. Design and Development

4.2.1. I'd like to work within a team throughout a process of coming up with the initial ideas, to designing the final product and then pysically producing it

5. Skills that I have

5.1. Ability to think on my feet

5.1.1. This can come in handy when I am in a situation and require a solution straight away

5.2. Good at Maths

5.2.1. With maths being one of my favourite subjects, I have enjoyed trying to work out complex problems I have encountered at LSBU and can't wait to find more

5.3. Good with Technology

5.3.1. Doing Computer Science as GCSE has really helped me hone into how to use a computer and other electronics, which has helped in different ways such as using the CAD software

5.4. Able to work under pressure

5.4.1. Being able to work under pressure is a crucial skill to have, it shows that I am reliable and also trustworthy when a task at hand is required to be completed

6. Passions

6.1. Baking

6.1.1. Primarily love to bake desserts

6.2. Cooking

6.2.1. There is so much experimenting that can be done with cooking food which is why I always try to see what new recipes I can find online to make and try

6.3. Reading

6.3.1. As a child I have always been fond of reading however as I grew older I lost touch with this passion until it rekindled at University where I use it as a tool to escape from this world.

6.4. Sports

6.4.1. During school I completely fell in love with sports, wanting to be as active as I could be. Also was the team captain of the netball team

6.5. Sewing and Embroidery

6.5.1. I find sewing and embroidery as a way to express my emotions through creating something creative. Learning from my mother, I figured creating clothes and adding my own personal twist really shows off how I am as a person