Factors that influence the extent of Earthquake damage

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Factors that influence the extent of Earthquake damage by Mind Map: Factors that influence the extent of Earthquake damage

1. Secondary Hazards

1.1. These include mudslides and tsunamis fire contaminated water, diesease hunger and hypothermia

2. The types of rocks or sediments

2.1. Loose material may act like liquid when shaken; solid rock is much safer and building should be built on level area formed of solid rock

3. The closer the place is to the center the greater damage it causes

4. Distance from the epicenter

5. An earthquake during a busy day especially rush our can cause more deaths than one quiet time

6. Time of day

7. Types of Buildings

7.1. Developed countries generally have much better quality building, more emergency services and funds to cope with the disaster. Peoplein developed countries likely to have an insurance covered than those in developing countries

8. Population Density

8.1. An earthquake that hits an area of high population density could inflict far more damage than the area with lower population and low building density

9. Strength of the Earthquake

9.1. The stronger the earthquake the more damage it can do.For example an earthquake in a 6.0 Ricther scale is a 100 times more powerful than a 4.0 earthquake;The more aftershocks there are the greater the damage that is done.