Impact of Alternate Media

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Impact of Alternate Media by Mind Map: Impact of Alternate Media

1. Social Media Platforms

1.1. Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram etc

1.2. These platforms have become now the essentials in everyday life

1.3. No work can be done without Whastapp these days. And for anything and everything we have You Tube

1.4. People are widely using platforms such as Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to put forward their views

1.5. There are many influencers on instagram and youtube who are followed by millions of viewers

1.6. These influencers put a great impact on the minds of the people by their posts.

1.7. Thats why most news agencies/ celebrities/ politicians and famous personalities are on Instagram and You Tube.

1.8. The day is not far when traditional media will take a back seat and everyone will be on social media.

2. OTT Platforms

2.1. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc

2.2. These platforms are being widely used to watch content like movies, short stories, serials etc.

2.3. These platforms do not require any physical cable connection or a fixed TV set

2.4. These can be viewed using high speed internet on any smartphone

2.5. These platforms are also used to watch live content like cricket, news etc

2.6. The young population of India especially in the cities are using these platforms extensively.

2.7. These platforms influence the minds of the viewers to a great extent.

2.8. One of the main advantages of these platforms is that one can view content anytime and anywhere.