Championing Equity and Disrupting Oppressive Practices

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Championing Equity and Disrupting Oppressive Practices by Mind Map: Championing Equity and Disrupting Oppressive Practices

1. Bold Leadership: No "looking away"...engage in the vital work by engaging in courageous conversations when need be. E.g. "Being clear is kind, being unclear is unkind." Brene Brown

2. Be comfortable with the discomfort: check your privilege and positionality and commit to the uncomfortable work we must do now.

3. Know your history! To understand anti-oppression, one must know the historic systems that have upheld white supremacy and subjugated some while enabling others.

4. No Middle Ground: read Kendi, Dion and others to learn more about the importance or engaging and becoming an anti-racist. Silence and inaction = complicity.

5. Reach every child in every classroom: Ensure CRRP is moving beyond talk and planning and into action that transforms assessment and instruction in your school.

6. Lead in a good way: continue to explore how to decolonize Indigenous education in practical ways in your building.

7. Don't compartmentalize: anti-oppression includes all marginalized groups. Equity work champions all students who have experienced oppression. Dismantle all oppression and hatred. eg: Anti-black racism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Indigenous Racism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Sexism, Ageism, Ableism, and more.

8. The Journey will be long: Know that the work of championing equity is vital but will take time. Systemic structures that oppress students and some staff have existed for hundreds of years. Therefore, don't expect to conclude a plan within an annual professional development cycle or with a handful of PD presentations and some prescribed lessons within three months.