how does José's attitude toward Estela change during the story?

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how does José's attitude toward Estela change during the story? by Mind Map: how does José's attitude toward Estela change during the story?

1. Beginning:

1.1. At the beginning of the story, Jose tries his best to him impress Estela. And in order to do that he thought of tripping over in front of her. However, he gets a flashback of the last time, he did this with a girl who walked over him. Thus, we know that the character is nervous and is not ready to risk it all and ask Estela out. Another considerate to be brought in paragraph 2, page 1 where the author talks about his 6th-grade experience brings to the fact that the main character fears rejection, so that could be one of his weaknesses. His strength is his good grades but the girl he is trying to impress still doesn't care about him, I know this because at the beginning of page 2 it says, "But when the quizzes had been returned and José bragged, “Another A-plus,” Estela didn’t turn her head and ask, “Who’s that brilliant boy?” She just stuffed her quiz into her backpack and left the classroom, leaving José behind to retake the test." This demonstrates that even Jose's good grades aren't impressing her and that there is no foreshadowing of the relationship going to develop.

2. Middle

2.1. The character in the story decides to approach Estela only to find out she is not who he thought he was, "José was beginning to wonder whether he really liked her. Now she seemed abrupt,9 not cute. She was starting to look like Dolores “Hit ‘n’ Spit” Ramirez — tough." line 40 page 4. I noticed that this is the part where the character's thinking is starting to change and his feelings towards Estela are starting to too. Not only that he is starting to fear Estela for the real her when he starts to recall every detail he saw when he was with her. "himself. What if she whipped him through and through. He recalled her crushing the milk carton with one blow of her fist. He recalled the sandwiches she downed at lunch."

3. End

3.1. In the end, the Character realizes that Estela is someone he shouldn't mess with. He is disappointed and saddened by the consequences he had to face after challenging Estella in being a good player. There was a huge growth in the character's thinking towards Estela but he still wishes to seek a chance to compete with Estela knowing well she would get the victory.