Personal Goals Matu

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Personal Goals Matu by Mind Map: Personal Goals Matu

1. Educational Goals Semester 1

1.1. Long Term Goal: To completed this semester Project1,2 and 3

1.2. Project 1 Goals

1.2.1. Mid Term Goal: Complete Project 1 Short Term Goals: ILP Short Term Goals: Aotearoa Slides Short Term Goals: Video Short Term Goals: Group Planning Short Term Goals: Complete SWOT Short Term Goals: I AAM Report Short Term Goals: Health & Safety Short Term Goals: Management Plan Project 1

1.3. Project 2 Goals

1.3.1. Mid Term Goal: Complete Project 2 STG: Making a Google Site STG: Management Plan STG: Support Services STG: 2 Pamphlets STG: Job Search STG: Te Whare Tapawha STG: Career Knowledge STG: Working Conditions STG: Cover Letter STG: Essential Skills

1.4. Project 3 Goals

1.4.1. MID TERM GOAL: Complete Project 3

2. Career Pathway Goals

2.1. Long Term Goal: is to seek a career that I love in the following

2.1.1. 1. Architect I need to upskill in numeracy I need to upskill in managing my time well I need to upskill in communicating with others

2.1.2. 2. Carpenter I need to upskill in measurement I need to know the tool language I need to upskill in communicating with other trades people

2.1.3. 3. Barista i need to understand how to make a variety of coffee I need written skills I need to add quickly to sell the coffee

3. Maori Tikanga Goals

3.1. Long Term Goal: is to embrace the 4 values in our class

3.2. Whanaungatanga

3.2.1. I have empathy for those who need help with work

3.2.2. I am able to work alongside my peers

3.2.3. I am able to mix in well with others

3.2.4. I am to be part of the decision process (as a class/whanau)

3.2.5. I worked alongside as a team for the kai cooking

3.3. Manaakitanga

3.3.1. I am to respect self and others

3.3.2. I am able to respect property of others and campus

3.3.3. I am able to respect the voice of others and their thoughts

3.3.4. I am able to respect the time frame of when work is due

3.3.5. I respected the way we working as a team in the kai cooking

3.4. Kotahitanga

3.4.1. I am able to use all the values of working as a team

3.4.2. I am able work together in pairs, groups and a whole class

3.4.3. I am able to accept the decisions as a group / team

3.4.4. I helped wherever I could in the process of the kai cooker

3.5. Arohatanga

3.5.1. I have developed a strong sense of belonging in pairs, small groups and in a larger context

3.5.2. I am able to share with their struggles and the acceptance of others to give a sense of belonging in a safe environment

3.5.3. I loved helping out with the kai cooker

4. Independent Goals

4.1. Long Term Goal: is to develop my skill set as an independent learner

4.2. Academic Skills

4.2.1. Setting goals for the day

4.2.2. Note taking to help with clarification

4.2.3. Paraphrasing text into own words

4.2.4. Following instructions carefully

4.2.5. Adding value to written work

4.2.6. Proof checking work

4.2.7. Independent working

4.2.8. Self managing to a timeframe

4.2.9. Reflecting daily

4.3. Online Skills

4.3.1. Researching information online confidently

4.3.2. Retrieving information online correctly

4.3.3. Selecting what information is needed for my work

4.4. Hinengaro Skills

4.4.1. Thinking and processing for clarification

4.4.2. Reflecting honestly

4.4.3. Taking responsibility in their learning

4.5. Key Team Skills

4.5.1. Participating with others / tutor

4.5.2. Voicing your thoughts confidently

4.5.3. Sharing ideas to gather understanding

4.5.4. Participating in class activities that create unity

4.5.5. Collaborating positively

5. Whare Tapawha Goals

5.1. Long Term Goal: is to monitor my well being in everyday situations

5.2. Personal

5.2.1. Spiritual I pray with my wife at 6.00 every morning I pray every week with our prayer group

5.2.2. Physical is to have NO midnight snacks walk around the block 4 times a week

5.2.3. Emotional Have a download with mates about issues I find difficult to handle I am learning to be resilient

5.2.4. Social / Family Spend time with my family Buy presents for my wife's birthday

5.3. Learning

6. Lifestyle Goals

6.1. Long Term Goal: is to maintain a positive relation with people around me

6.1.1. be the best husband to my wife forever

6.1.2. be the best dad to my 4 boys

6.1.3. have time with my wife once a week

6.1.4. take my boys out on a date every month

6.1.5. always take time to listen to others

7. Literacy Goals

7.1. Long Term Goal:

7.1.1. Writing

7.1.2. Listening

7.1.3. Speaking

8. Numeracy Goals

8.1. Long Term Goal: to be able to use a variety of Maths skills in different contexts

8.2. Number

8.2.1. Percentage I am able to understand when there is a saving on a product I know what 20%, 50% and 100% means

8.2.2. Addition I am able to use a calculator confidently when adding

8.2.3. Subtraction I am able to use a calculator confidently when subtracting

8.2.4. Multiplication I am able to use a calculator confidently when multiplying

8.2.5. Division