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CKP by Mind Map: CKP

1. Motivations

1.1. Overall: help believers gain income thru their business to help them build the Kingdom

1.2. Anthony: -digital marketing for Witthouse & -Big Fish: consultation with a part in the business -Outsourcing: consultation income as is comes

1.3. Judah: -Big Fish -Outsourcing: websites, seo, etc as it comes

1.4. Jason: -Big Fish: supplements ministry support -Outsourcing: web design, digital marketing

2. Ultimate Goal: Big Fish

3. Current Projects

3.1. CPK: -setup -find Big Fish -outsourcing web work

3.1.1. Setup CKP Next Steps: TONY: get CKP bank account, cash Bates check, pay yourself, pay Judah

3.1.2. Podcast: to gain an audience to find outsourcing clients and Big Fish

3.1.3. FB ads: for outsourcing/web side work

3.1.4. Big Fish potentials: -Retreat Center

3.2. Witthouse: -new counselor

3.2.1. renew ad

3.3. -branding/website

3.3.1. on hold

3.4. Southern Rythmn Cattle: -website

3.4.1. dead

3.5. Floyd Dawson Counseling -local clients, in TN needed -hendersonville, TN

3.6. Midwest Best: Scotty

3.6.1. go over numbers with Scotty

4. Brainstorm

4.1. Lead Generation site

4.2. Furniture Site -Grays -Curtis

4.3. Atomic cake!

4.3.1. Next Steps: -Find out requirements to start a food truck

5. What We've Done:

5.1. Big Fish -Peels -Curtis furniture -Misty School -Backroad Redesigns furniture -Bates Cattle

5.2. Outsourcing -Bates Cattle

5.3. Witthouse