The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

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The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs by Mind Map: The Monkey's Paw  by W.W. Jacobs

1. Summary

1.1. Chapter 1:

1.1.1. the first chapter the family is calm playing chess and the old soldier arrives.

1.2. Chapter 2:

1.2.1. In the second chapter the old soldier talks about the monkey paw, his wishes and consequences.

1.3. Chapter 3:

1.3.1. in the third chapter herbert not believe in the monkey paw and his father makes his first wish.

1.4. Chapter 4:

1.4.1. In the fourth chapter, they question if the monkey paw is true and why they believed the old soldier.

1.5. Chapter 5:

1.5.1. in chapter 5 herbert dies in the factory and they reward mr and mrs white with thirty thousand pounds

1.6. Chapter 6:

1.6.1. in chapter 6 mr and mrs white were very sad for their dead son and used the monkey's paw to ask him to come back

1.7. Chapter 7:

1.7.1. in chapter 7 mrs white hears many noises and thinks it is herbert but mr white tries to talk to her that herbert died

2. Author

2.1. W.W. Jacobs

2.1.1. William Wymark Jacobs was a British humorist, novelist, and short story writer. Born September 8, 1863 in London, England, died September 1, 1943 in London

3. Wish + Past

3.1. Mr Morris:

3.1.1. he wish he had a fast car and money.

3.2. Family:

3.2.1. They wish they had thirty thousand pounds. "I want thirty thousand pounds" and then they wished their dead son come back "i wish for my son, herbert, to come back to us

4. Opinions

4.1. the story is very interesting I really liked it and it was easy for me to read and I really liked the activity.

5. Moral of the story

5.1. Teaches us that every action has its consequence.