The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

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The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs by Mind Map: The Monkey's Paw  by W.W. Jacobs

1. Summary

1.1. Chapter 1:

1.1.1. In this chapter everything is normal and they are a happy family playing chess

1.2. Chapter 2:

1.2.1. In this chapter Tom Morris arrives, a friend of Mr. White and Tom shows them the monkey's paw.

1.3. Chapter 3:

1.3.1. In this chapter they wish 30,000 pounds and Mr White saw a face out the window.

1.4. Chapter 4:

1.4.1. In this chapter herbet went to work.

1.5. Chapter 5:

1.5.1. In this chapter a wish is fulfilled but for it to be fulfilled Herbert had to die

1.6. Chapter 6:

1.6.1. In this chapter they wish to see their son again and they waited

1.7. Chapter 7:

1.7.1. Mrs White was almost crazy for not being able to see her son, and Mr White did not know what to do.

2. Author

2.1. W.W. Jacobs

2.1.1. Was a British humorist, novelist and short story writer. He is best known for one of his ghoulish tales such as The Monkey's Paw, included in the storybook The Lady of the Barge.

3. Wish + Past

3.1. Mr Morris:

3.1.1. His wish was to have money and a fast car.

3.2. Family:

3.2.1. They wished they were 30,000 pounds and see your son again.

4. Moral of the Story

4.1. Think before act.

5. Opinions

5.1. I liked the theme that the teacher uses and I was unhappy with the end of the book.