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Viola Davis by Mind Map: Viola Davis

1. Actress and producer

1.1. The most nominated black actress at the oscars

1.1.1. One of the biggest names of his generation

1.2. Theater graduate

1.2.1. He has performed several times on Broadway

1.3. Her great childhood inspiration was the actress Cicely Tyson. The two would later act together in Cross Stories and How to Get Away with Murder

1.4. It has a star on the walk of fame

2. North-American

2.1. She was born in 1965 on a farm in St. Matthews, South Carolina

2.1.1. Fifth daughter of six sisters Childhood marked by financial difficulties

2.1.2. His mother was an activist during the Black Civil Rights Movement in the United States

3. Feminist

4. Active Voice

4.1. Uses its power to denounce racism in Hollywood

4.2. Participated in anti-racist protests

5. Mother

5.1. She and her husband Julius Tennon (to whom she has been married since 2003) have adopted little Genesis