Benefits of Recreation

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Benefits of Recreation by Mind Map: Benefits of Recreation

1. Generally improve physical health through various benefits such as:

1.1. Contribute in having a longer life through improving an individual’s “energy and resilience”

1.2. Help develop a strong functioning and stable

1.3. Prevent or help reduce the risk of diseases even chronic diseases such as diabetes

1.4. Reduces the chance of obesity or help an individual get out of obesity

2. It can aide mental health/stability through:

2.1. Lowering the risk of stress and depression

2.2. Improvement of emotional wellness or health

2.3. Helping develop cognitive maturity, self-maturity and help in life-long learning

3. Improve Quality of Life through:

3.1. Reducing the chance of participation in criminal activities

3.2. Help strengthen and build familial relationships

3.3. Aides in maintaining the balance of the demands of an individual’s life and his mental and physical health