Not Just Building "Curriculum Connections" by Theresa Benson (July 27, 2012)

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Not Just Building "Curriculum Connections" by Theresa Benson (July 27, 2012) by Mind Map: Not Just Building "Curriculum Connections" by Theresa Benson (July 27, 2012)

1. Co-teaching with TLs...

1.1. provide resources teachers may not have heard of or had time to research for use

1.2. partners with a fellow staff member in creating effective lessons and useful assessments for the students

1.3. helps to ensure curriculum expectations are met for the different grades and including multiple cross-curricular opportunities

1.4. establishes and maintains a collaborative environment in the school community

1.5. allows colleagues and TLs to develop lessons and learning opportunities with the most current information and resources available

2. Goals

2.1. student engagement in their learning

2.2. student improvement and achievement, including academics and social/life skills

2.3. reciprocal working relationships with staff

2.4. support for staff and students in all subject areas

2.5. teaching skills which will extend outside the student's time at the school

3. TLs provide...

3.1. introduction for student and staff to print and technological resources they may not have previously had access to, known about, or know how to use

3.2. staff and students with more confidence in using the resources available to them

3.3. an interactive library program to assist staff and students

3.4. equal opportunities for all staff and students to access the resources in the learning commons to support instruction and learning

4. Collaborators

4.1. staff

4.2. administration

4.3. students

4.4. parents

4.5. community

5. It's important to remember...

5.1. while the technology may change, the basic skills will empower the students to help their current and future achievements in school and beyond

5.2. that collaboration works both ways among staff and community, and we need to keep our goals focused on the students and their achievement of the various curricular expectations

5.3. and understand that change is not always supported or wanted, but TLs need to continue to be efficient in their role and initiate changes in a positive way, collaborating with all staff