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ABC Corp by Mind Map: ABC Corp

1. Bases in UK and one of the

2. In early 2019, ABC Corp confirmed divestment of one of its unit to another private equity firm in the same geography

3. In 2019 after the divestment named as XYZ

3.1. XYZ Corp to carve out its IT systems

3.2. SAP ERP system along with related IBM DB2 databases to AWS Cloud platform

3.2.1. TCS was chosen as System Integrator(SI), with E2E responsibilities of program Management, ERP syste, & DB Migration, Testing and Go Live cut over

3.3. It was decided that High availability feature will be ensured using SIOS and back-up tool will be Commvault

4. XYZ was on schedule critical time line

4.1. has to pay huge sum if it is dependent on ABC Corp’s IT stack beyond 31st July 2020

4.1.1. Go Live date moved couple of times due to dependencies on XYZ YZ Corp and TCS formally re-baselined the Go-live date as 24th April 2020 in a contract amendment but with a mandate that the new dates must be met at any cost

4.2. TCS, as SI, will have to pay a considerable percentage of that huge sum as Service credit to XYZ Corp