Activity 7 - B Online Team Presentations

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Activity 7 - B Online Team Presentations by Mind Map: Activity 7 - B Online Team Presentations


1.1. Learners will obtain information about clubs at the College of Lake County

1.2. Learners will work collaboratively by exchanging information in person, phone, email, or FB with the team members as well as with members of the clubs

1.3. Learners will work collaboratively on a PowerPoint presentation


2.1. Instuctor assigns groups of three to four learners

2.2. Instructor creates a forum

2.3. Instructor emails who the learners in each group are and also the instructions on what to do

2.3.1. Learners are to obtain information about the three clubs assigned to them

2.3.2. The information cannot be obtained from a website

2.3.3. All the members collaboratively create a PowerPoint presentation with at least ten slides

2.4. Learners post their PowerPoint presentation on the forum

2.5. Instructor reviews all the presentations and asks that everyone make a comment on each of the clubs


3.1. Did every learner participate in obtaining information about CLC's clubs?

3.2. Did every learner communicate with other learners in the group?

3.3. Did every learner participate in the creation of the PowerPoint presentation?

3.4. Did the learners acquire knowledge about the different social opportunities at CLC?


4.1. Learners will obtain common knowledge about the College of Lake County's clubs

4.2. Learners will engage in collaboration performed online

4.3. Learners will become familiar using PowerPoint