Global Domination by Filipinos

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Global Domination by Filipinos by Mind Map: Global Domination by Filipinos

1. OVERSEAS: Indoctrination

1.1. Domestic helpers to indoctrinate children of the family they are serving

1.2. Teachers abroad to teach the students with Filipino patriotism

1.3. Filipina wives of foreigners

2. OVERSEAS: Technology

2.1. Technical Support

2.2. Software Engineers in the US, Singapore, UK, and other developed nations

3. OVERSEAS: Direct Hostage

3.1. WhiteHouse Chef to poison WhiteHouse top officials (yes, including Obama) with antidote only available in Malacanang

3.2. Health workers (nurses, doctors, and other health care providers abroad) to hostage their patients


4.1. Call Centers

4.2. Tech BPOs

4.3. Finance BPOs

4.4. Hostage all expats

4.4.1. Chinese

4.4.2. Indians

4.4.3. Americans

4.4.4. Britons

4.4.5. Etc