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1. anarchism

1.1. my concept

1.1.1. you have two cows you give one to your neighbor and if you die here you and your neighbor share the cow that you gave him

1.2. the real concept

1.2.1. Anarchism is a name given to any political or social philosophy that calls for opposition and the abolition of the State understood as a monopoly of force, and by extension also the rejection of political government or social authority imposed by force on the individual, considering them unnecessary or harmful.

2. bureaucracy

2.1. my concept

2.2. the real concept

2.2.1. Bureaucracy is the organization or structure that is characterized by centralized or decentralized procedures, division of responsibilities, specialization of work, hierarchy, and impersonal relationships.

3. socialism

3.1. my concept

3.1.1. you have 4 cows and 2 chickens the state forces you to give your neighbor 2 cows and 1 chicken.

3.2. the real concept

3.2.1. Socialism is a political, social and economic philosophical current that encompasses a range of socioeconomic systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production and self-management of companies by workers.

4. communism

4.1. my concept

4.1.1. you have four cows the state of which gives and gives you milk so that you can subserve

4.2. the real concept:

4.2.1. Communism is a political, economic and social philosophy that seeks to establish joint ownership of the means of production and the elimination of social classes

5. Nazism

5.1. my concept

5.1.1. You have 5 chickens, the state takes them away, kills you and they keep your chickens.

5.2. the real concept:

5.2.1. National Socialism (in German, Nationalsozialismus), commonly shortened to Nazism, is the ideology of the regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945 with the rise to power of Adolf Hitler's German National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler instituted a dictatorship, the self-proclaimed Third Reich.

6. fascism

6.1. my concept

6.1.1. you have cows, the state takes them away from you and sells the milk from the cows and you are left with nothing.

6.2. the real concept

6.2.1. Fascism was a political movement and a type of state of a totalitarian, authoritarian, illiberal, anti-Marxist and anti-democratic character.

7. capitalism

7.1. my concept

7.1.1. you have two cows you sell 1 you buy 1 cow and 2 bulls breed you have more cows you sell it and you earn money

7.2. the real concept

7.2.1. Capitalism is an economic and social method that is based on the means of production that must be private. In the market it is useful as a mechanism to efficiently target scarce goods and capital is useful as a source to create wealth.