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RAP(Rhythm And Poetry) by Mind Map: RAP(Rhythm And Poetry)

1. Singers:

2. Travis Scott

2.1. Jacques Berman Webster

2.1.1. Parents: Wanda Webster, Jacques Webster

2.1.2. Bride: Kylie Jenner Daughter name´s: Stormi

2.2. Songs:

2.2.1. Sickomode( Grammy nominee) Goseebumps

2.2.2. Astroworld tour name inspired by an amusement park.

3. Drake

3.1. in the beginning he was an artist

3.2. Aubrey Drake Graham

3.2.1. Parents: Sandi Graham, Dennis Graham

3.2.2. Son: Adonis Graham Sophie Brussaux (mother and ex-wife)

3.3. Songs:

3.3.1. God´s Plan Won the grammy in 2019(Best Rap song)

3.3.2. Hotline bling Won the grammy 2017(Best Rap Song)

3.4. In total he won 4 Grammys

4. Music style developed among the poorest classes in the USA at the sixties