The Iberians and the Celts

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The Iberians and the Celts by Mind Map: The Iberians and the Celts

1. The Iberians

1.1. East and southeast of the peninsula

1.2. Jobs

1.2.1. Farmers

1.2.2. Craftworkers

1.2.3. Warriors

1.2.4. Traders

1.3. Had their own

1.3.1. writing system The Iberians wrote on stones slate metal

1.3.2. money

1.4. Traded goods with other Mediterranean civilization

1.4.1. like the Greeks the Phoenicians

1.5. lived in

1.5.1. Big fortified villages with stone streets

1.5.2. Rectangular houses

2. The Celts

2.1. North and centre of the peninsula

2.2. Farmers

2.3. Used iron and bronze to make objetcts

2.4. They lived in

2.4.1. Round houses

2.4.2. Walled towns called forts