edwin's mind map(what are the consequences of the sinhalese tanil conflict?

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edwin's mind map(what are the consequences of the sinhalese tanil conflict? by Mind Map: edwin's mind map(what are the consequences of the sinhalese tanil conflict?

1. economic consequence

1.1. unemployment

1.2. the sri lankan riots in july 1983 led to massive unemployment as thousnad of factory workers,the elf employed and plantation workers lost thier jobs.a large number of the joblerss were sinhalese who took part in vandalising,looting and burning thier place of work.thus,all parties suffered in the conflict.

1.3. loss of investments from other countries

1.4. fpriegn investments are neededif the economy of tha country is to grow.in times of instability,investors from other countries may not have the aonfidence to invest in the country.however,not all investor are deterred by the conflict in sri lanka.

1.5. fall in the number of tourists

1.6. tourism,one of sri lanka's major income earners,was seriously affected by the violence and the internal conflict.tourist arrivals steadi;y ddecreased after the july 1983 riots.

2. political consequence

2.1. arm conflict,

2.2. the policies had made the tamils feel that they were discriminated.they threid various ways to voice their unhappiness but were unsuccessful.why did the tamils resort to violence to resolve the conflict?

2.2.1. at first,we the tanils in sri lanka,made peaceful demands that we shuld be fairly treatedby the sri lankan government.

2.3. foreign intervention

2.3.1. a conflict in a contry may may attract the attention of another country.this country may offer to play the role of a mediator.it may also interfere directly by sending troops in to resolve the conflict. an extract of the peace accord -there was to be a ceasefire between the tamil tigers and the sri lankan forces. -the tanil tigers were to surrender thiere= arms to the indian peacekeeping troops. tanil-dominated northern provinces were to be merged with the eastern provinnces.

3. social consequence

3.1. sri lankan tanmils driven out thier homeland

3.2. the conflict has also caused large scale displacement beyond its borders.for example,in the 1983 riots,thousnads of tamils fled to tamil nadu insouth india.today,it is estimaste that 65000 sri lanka still remain as refuges in india.