This is a useful kind of assessment assessment

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Portfolios by Mind Map: Portfolios

1. used to assess language learners

1.1. authentic variety of assessment

2. Show skills, disposition, and accomplishments achieved by students (Jones and Shelton 2011)

3. collecting

3.1. materials

4. reflecting

4.1. reflect on their progress

5. assessing

5.1. evaluate quality and development

6. documenting

6.1. evidence

7. linking

7.1. teachers, parents, community and peers

8. evaluating

9. steps Brown and Aveywicrama (2010)

9.1. set up clearly objectives

9.2. decide materials to be collected

9.3. provide students evaluation criteria

9.4. include portfolio into curriculum ( time)

9.5. establish periodic time for checking and conferencing

9.6. Select an accessible place to keep portfolios

9.7. provide positive wash-back

10. strategies

10.1. organize according chronology, subject area, goal area, etc

10.2. include self assessment

10.3. provide students the context for self-assessing and setting meaningful goals for learning

10.4. include a variety of materials like audio recordings,video recordings,photographs, graphic organizers, first drafts,journals, assgnments

10.5. provide Students evidence of their learning

10.6. Include students written reflections

10.7. Conferencing with their parents, peers etc.


12. The teacher must have a clear idea of ​​goals to achieve for the students.

13. Students are feel more comfortable with assessment

14. Teachers can also use in future classrooms: projects, concept maps,self assessment, peer assessment, drama, diagnostic, journals etc