EDCI 270 IM Lesson: Pythagorean Theorem

Brief Brainstorm for EDCI 270 IM Project

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EDCI 270 IM Lesson: Pythagorean Theorem by Mind Map: EDCI 270 IM Lesson: Pythagorean Theorem

1. Proving the Theorem

1.1. Launch

1.1.1. Review what a right triangle is

1.1.2. Recall where the right angle and hypotenuse are in relation to each other

1.1.3. Ask students to think about what the other possible side lengths and angles are in respect to the hypotenuse and right angle

1.2. Explore

1.2.1. Turn this proof into a set of exploration problems for partnered students

1.2.2. Have students discuss their observations with their partner and then another group of partners

1.3. Summary

1.3.1. Draw a conclusion as a class, have students state the theorem in their own words

1.3.2. Formally state the theorem and generalize it

2. Excercises

2.1. Khan Academy Problem Set

2.2. NCTM Worksheets

3. Example Problems

3.1. Khan Academy Problems

3.2. Story of Mathematics Problems

4. Ways of Presenting the Lesson

4.1. Slides with Audio

4.2. Physical Model as a Manipulative, such as Desmos or Geogebra

4.3. Worksheet to be Printed