Copy of Developing Effective Leaders

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Copy of Developing Effective Leaders by Mind Map: Copy of Developing Effective Leaders

1. Process

1.1. StoryBoards

1.1.1. Prepare

1.1.2. Organise

1.1.3. Implement

1.1.4. Review

1.2. Skill Builder

1.2.1. Learn

1.2.2. Empower

1.2.3. Assess

1.2.4. Decide

1.2.5. Evaluate

1.2.6. Review

1.3. One-Page Coach Training System

2. Competencies

2.1. L/ship Effectiveness Profile/Guide

2.1.1. Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Style Instrument Learning Style Instrument

2.1.2. Contextual thinking Problem Solving & Decision Making Profile

2.1.3. Directional Clarity Goal Setting Effectiveness Profile

2.1.4. Creative Assimilation Creativity & Innovation Effectiveness Profile

2.1.5. Change Orchestration Change Management Effectiveness Profile

2.1.6. People Enablement Team Building Effectiveness Profile

2.1.7. Reciprocal communiction Communication Effectiveness Profile Listening Effectiveness Profile

2.1.8. Driving Persistence Assertiveness Style Instrument