Community Language Learning

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Community Language Learning by Mind Map: Community Language Learning

1. Community Language Learning (CLL) is a language teaching method which involves psychological aspect and students work together to develop what skill of a language they would like to learn.


2.1. Any new learning can be threatening: you have to care what kind of information you going to learn.

2.2. Building relationship with and among students is very important: when you are learning a new language, you have to communicate with each others.

2.3. Language is for communication: it is clear, language is to communicate with others people this need for human life.

2.4. The superior knowledge and power of the teacher can be threatening


3.1. Reflective listening: if the students are wrong, they are obligated to listen up and be quiet, because this is the best way to learn.

3.2. Reflection on experience: students have to think over about the topic that teacher is explaining.

3.3. Transcription: Graphic representation of sounds by means of a special system of signs

3.4. Tape recording student's conversation: students are free to give their opinion about the topic and teacher is obligated to listen up and record these comments.


4.1. -Student interest -Student independence -Students learn inductive techniques -Nonthreatening -The councilor allow the learners to determine type of conversation and to analyze the language inductively. -The student centered nature of the method can provide extrinsic motivation


5.1. -Time wasted -Teacher poor translator -Students have mix of languages -Not enough time in school -Risks can be good -Students often need directions. -The inductive learning method. -Translation is a difficult task.