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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. Goals

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. 3. Reduce DROP for lack of resources on large bids

1.1.2. 2. Enhance the win rate on multi-country deals

1.1.3. 1. Act as a Global player from the customer perspective

1.2. Key issues

1.2.1. Lack of resources = 2nd most frequent source of loss for Global deals (Winning price = n°1)

1.2.2. Large deals are usually cross-GBU or multi-GBUs => Loss of volume

2. Plan

2.1. 1. Environnement

2.1.1. 1. Market (Type of deals) 1. Multi-GBU/SL deal Billing is for the Lead GBU (contract owner) 2. Cross-GBU/SL deal Billing is not for the Lead GBU (ie not the contract owner)

2.1.2. 2. Generic strategie

2.1.3. 3. Key success factor 1. Anticipation of the bids 2. Fair way to reward success among stakeholders 3. Internal processing

2.1.4. 4. Type of competitors

2.2. 2. Diagnostic

2.2.1. SWOT 1. Strength 1. Strong GBU footprint 2. Culture exist within managers 2. Weakness 1. Motivation (GBU oriented) 2. GSSE is partially adressing the cross-border activities 3. Competitors are doing 50% more cross-border activities 3. Opportunities 1. New GSSE recharging model 2. exSIS integration 4. Threaten 1. Customers are getting upset

2.2.2. Competitors situation

2.3. 3. TO-BE situation

2.3.1. 1. Top Management

2.3.2. 2. GBU-SL managers, DSM

2.3.3. 3. Sales community: AE, AS

3. Problem

3.1. Organization

3.1.1. GSSE thresholds: 80% are MS deals, SI & HTTS do not benefit of new recharging system

3.2. Process

3.2.1. Sucess is not recognized fairly (according to investment and risks taken) OE (Sales & Managers) ER (Managers only) GM (Sales & Managers)

3.2.2. Some purchase requests are taking more than 1,5 month to be executed Lack of specialized teams for internal processing of Internal Contract Agreement in case of multi-countries deals

3.2.3. Cross-GBU deals: no proper way to recover Global Account Management costs at GBU level

3.2.4. TP Policy : Setup peer reviews to review releases From CFO community From managers community

3.2.5. Recharging of on-demand experts is taking a lot of time (specially for Global SL resources).

3.2.6. Presales costs are GBU-managed, which creating resistance on cross-GBU deals Cross-GBU deals : no presales budget for Global markets for cross-GBU deals Mutli-GBU deals: in case of LOST or DROP all costs are beared by the leader

3.3. Tools

3.3.1. No capacity to monitor monthly presales costs as soon as cross- or multi- GBU-SL

3.3.2. No steering tool to anticipate the lack of resources for those large deals (to be confirmed with GSSE)

3.3.3. For mutli-country deals the Internal Contract Agreement is inappropriate (too long, not enough fact oriented)

4. Ideas

4.1. Organization

4.1.1. Global Account Management Budget shall exist at Vertical level. Those costs shall be extracted from the GBU, and shared globally per % of ER / Markets / Country (not per account)

4.2. Process

4.2.1. Reward Cross-GBU deal Scorecards: Mirror the OE and ER generated to the Lead GBU Multi-GBU deal Scorecard: mirror the Gross Margin of the delivering GBUs to the lead GBU All Scorecard: Total revenue (Internal revenue taken into account and not ER only) Sales commission bosster for Cross-SL deals Incentive on N+1 target (Global SL OE targets) Tag for cross- multi-border deals in NessieCRM should help

4.2.2. Presales costs governance Split 50/50 the presales costs in case of LOST or DROP Presales budget for Global markets for cross-GBU deals

4.2.3. Compensation mechanisms Hard to compute Compensation: Sales / presales effort made free by the GBU is converted into OE equivalent Complex to setup Principle: 1,5 of the OE Principle: Use the avg presales OE per resources to compute the OE missed due to international assignement Would hardly apply for Sales, since they do not book their time

4.3. Tools

4.3.1. Extend existing Risk of lack of resources dashboard for Top level deals (with top 15 deals per Global Markets)

4.3.2. Setup a clarity report with Montly costs per opportunity cross- multi- GBU-SL

4.3.3. Train Managers on capacity to set the right validator (even for cross- multi- GBU-SL deals) through Delegation procedure