The Project Lifecyle

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The Project Lifecyle by Mind Map: The Project Lifecyle

1. Planning Stage

1.1. Identifying project objectives

1.2. Outline risks, constraints, and priorities

1.3. Develop scope of project and determine deadlines and resources available

1.4. Submit project proposal and await for approval

2. Initiation Stage

2.1. After approval, develop list of tasks

2.2. During project, document ongoing progress and assess workflows from team members

2.3. Create list of obtainable short-term goals

2.4. Prioritize assessing potential issues that may halt project completion

3. Execution Stage

3.1. Monitor and control how tasks are completed, review quality of output

3.2. After review, adjust and update project tasks, deadlines and goals to meed completion conditions

3.3. Keep up constant project communication with team, board of directors and shareholders

4. Closure Stage

4.1. Hand off completed project to respective members

4.2. Disband project team members and relinquish any unused project resources

4.3. Analyze final completion project performance, record and file useful learnings for future projects