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Conditionals by Mind Map: Conditionals

1. First Conditional

1.1. Possibilities in the present or future

1.2. If, simple present, Simple future.

1.3. Example: If i miss the bus, i will get late.

2. Second Conditional

2.1. Imaginary situations on the present or future.

2.2. If, Past simple, Present continuous.

2.3. Example: If I were rich, i would buy a Ferrari.

3. Third Conditional

3.1. Imaginary situations on the past

3.2. If + past perfect, perfect conditional.

3.3. Example: If i had studied, i would have passed the test.

4. Zero Conditional

4.1. Facts / rules.

4.2. If + present simple ... Present simple.

4.3. Example: If you heat ice, it melts.