The Shadow & A Guide into Shadow Work

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The Shadow & A Guide into Shadow Work by Mind Map: The Shadow & A Guide into Shadow Work

1. The Final Milestone!

2. Acceptance of Self & Your Inner-personal Relationship

2.1. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one youll ever have and upon conquering insecurities, past traumas , gaining personal knowledge and understanding the reason to love yourself and have that confidence just increased by a million because self evaluation and the attempt to better yourself is a huge accomplishment in itself

2.1.1. Self relationship is so important because in magic and mental ability you have to trust yourself, rely on your own mental and magical capabilities. Insecurities and a lack in self trust is the first way to your down fall. its the first door that anything of ill intent will attempt to exploit to gain access to your mind and ultimately your body . your vision of self contriputes to your strength in magic and the strength of your mental barriars/protections. It helps to reinforce your will and the effectiveness of your spells and magic endeavors. To find real love is to first find the love of yourself , as projection has been a main topic taking that logic- If we dont understand or grasp the concept of self love how can we truly reflect love to anyone? a partner, friends, family. Self love teaches a love that is unlike what we've come to know and understand. Self love isn't selfish, self love isn't jealous, its not controlling or possessive because thats not actual love thats manipulative affection thats tied to conditions. Self love is free, honest, its impowering and understanding that what may not be emotionally gratifying may be the best option in the end, love is wanting the best for someone and doing the best for them even if that means you are removed from the equation. 'I love you and I want you to truly find what will make you your best self and make you the happiest in the end and I know that's not me'

2.2. This is a process that takes time, patience, and persistence. Repetition in positive mantras and affirmations , repetition in positive self talk and reflection

2.2.1. Without that kind of resilience and positive self relationship you become a prime target to be messed with spiritually, a target that's easy to corrupt , and it makes me think of Full metal Jacket - "It is your killer instinct which must be harnessed if you expect to survive in combat. Your rifle is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills. If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth." if your sense of self, intuition, understanding of self if these are not clean and strong you will hesitate. The last thing you should be worrying about when practicing magic is your own personal doubt. For all concerned the only reliable person at your side will be yourself so you better learn to get along or its going to be a long road Realization in some key life realizations such as 'Pretty' is not the rent you pay to live on this planet, you have no inherent obligations to anyone , "Your chances are 50/50 and so is everybody else's" (Everyone's free to wear sunscreen) , you are not responsible for anyone's happiness and do not tie your healing to someone else's healing, their ability to recognize how they've hurt others, or weather or not they've learned from an experience, Self preservation is never selfish-avoiding self care and not using preservation skills ,is in fact ,selfish, put away the thought you have to be busy and productive to be useful some 'productive-ness' is only busy work and it would be more useful to formulate a plan before acting Most people think 'I'm worthless' or some other negative self criticisms but what exactly qualifies as worthless? what if you have an impact on hundreds of people and they all think 'Wow, I hope they're ok, they saved my life by helping me/by being nice to me/by being a good person that genuinely inspires me". Helping ourselves, improving ourselves helps and improves the world around us. You have worth and influence beyond realization. But don't equate that to worth or value just being humans we have worth and value plain and simple. There's people who admire everything you are, every aspect, every trait. You are your own bully, you are your worst critique, Other people don't see you in the negative light that you see yourself in..One thing about bullies is they abuse and harass because of their own self image; They abuse others often times because they are bitter about a positive trait their victims' possess

2.2.2. Be honest with who you are, own it, no one else has to live with your decisions "in the end youre the only person you are guaranteed to start and finish the race with, yeah people come along, your family, friends etc. but people have their own lives to attend to. Life has different plans so its best to get comfortable with yourself and learn to be content with your own company. hey, Im my own best friend-we get along and we laugh at all the same things- I look inward for advice and wisdom. I mean its a perfect match"- Me, impromptu tarot explanation Throw out beauty magazines throw out the opinion in general of the collective popular idea of 'beauty'. The fashion model image. Most people dont look like that and everyone knows it. This image is constructed for manipulation and product consumption, to get people who strictly follow this image or those who want to 'be beautiful' to buy their 'age defying' beauty products or their 'body fat destroyer' weight loss DVD/health plan.

3. Understanding & Assessing the Problem

4. Understanding the Shadow Self's messages

4.1. Dreams

4.1.1. Dreams are very helpful in this department, its a direct connection into the part of the mind that houses what we're attempting to understand and fix Dreams interpretations have a psychology basis Each symbol, action, character, location, pretty much all aspects that you can remember have significant meaning/symbolism. Define/understand the symbols individually or decipher smaller sections one at a time then put it all together. Many dream symbols are open ended and depend on the dreamer to decide specific interpretation

4.2. Self analysis

4.2.1. Look into your own negative reactions, your relationships, negative feelings towards others, unhealthy habits, closely look at your rules and opinions you feel very strongly about. Asking why you are the way you are, how did you develop your quirks, odd habits, insecurities, the fears you've always had? This may require some deep digging. My best option was to talk with someone I felt safe with and trusted- We both exchanged many many childhood memories, stories of life changing events, traumatic experiences, how we grew up, our families, childhood desires and what we wanted to be when we grew up. We'd ask questions to help one another unlock important details so we could finally feel and understand our pasts.

4.3. Deciphering Emotions

4.3.1. When a bad mood hits focus on how you feel, what has occurred to bring forth negative feelings? Why does this change the mood? How? does the occurrence have ties to insecurities, fears, things that remind you of something? when emotions flair up focus on what has happened or specifically what has been said, how have you chosen to react? was it because of your emotions (causing hurt, anger, sadness, bitterness, etc.) why did that effect you?

4.4. Translating the judgments we project

4.4.1. Note any negative, bad spirited, mean things you say to/about others Also note mean/negative things said by others that you agree with Often times projections come in the form of jealousy, envy, competition, bitterness, etc. Often comparing looks, clothes, material goods, wealth, cars, weight, etc. That indicates not being happy with yourself, poor self image and the desire to have what another possesses (a personality trait, physical appearance, wealthy, material items, friends, ability, etc.) may also stem from neglect (home/family life + childhood) and importance placed on physical or material goods instead of genuine family love

5. Accepting our Shadow Selves (coping) & finding Self love

5.1. Through meditation

5.1.1. This is one of the most important steps in emotional control, mindfulness, calming of the mind, understanding your self- In the process of spiritual growth it is very necessary Theres not really an end goal, a point of mastery, or a right or wrong way to meditate A few methods/ points of focus (?) would be to focus on the heart beat, focus on intake and exhale of breath, focus on the thought/idea of being in the cycle of earths energy, imagine a revolving cycle of energy outlining your form and focus on that thought Helps to find your center

5.2. Through journaling

5.2.1. Writing in general holds so many possibilities especially because its an outward expression of exactly what youre feeling but its your choice as to whats done with that expression. Keep it for reference, read aloud, destroy it It can help to process events and recall information, learn about yourself, define feelings and thoughts, understand yourself better, clarify feelings, declutter thoughts I plan on posting some journaling templates to help with coping and dealing with shadow work, also for self discovery and exploration

5.3. Through emotional emersion

5.3.1. This is pretty much just continues points made previously, its important to let yourself feel your emotions - sit with them, learn, understand, and through mental strength and discipline these emotions can become changeable. Remember you have emotions but you are not your emotions

5.4. Through changing and adapting

5.4.1. Conquering our shadow selves and our past/trauma- bettering ourselves is the goal so how you speak is very important, the words you use to describe your past, your emotions, your future, your healing, yourself if you repeat something enough times you will start to believe it as a fact. This is literally how brainwashing works . so even if you dont believe it now tell yourself in the mirror everyday while getting ready 'I am beautiful, I am deserving of love and happiness, I can do what I put my mind to, I have faith in my abilities and in myself' Be careful in how you describe yourself and the judgements you pass because you are listening. Its also said that changing how we define the past can change how we view the event and how we view the trauma resulting from it. Don't view your past as a death sentence view it as something that is passable, something that you can heal from, that in understanding you can help others learn/grow/prevent

5.5. Through pivotal mental states

5.5.1. Moments that we are very receptive to new information, making changes, etc and are usually when we're feeling happier

5.6. Through Expression/Art

5.6.1. Working through all of this will, of course, bring up some negative emotions and thaeres nothing wrong with that. Many will experience stages of prolonged anger. Again, this is ok. That can be transmuted into creative/expressive/positive energy Channel those feelings into art form or an activity you feel passionate about or some kind of physical activity. Let the negative fuel the efforts in this new endeavor.. Jason Silva (one of my favorite speakers) talks about how art and surrendering to the moment (letting go) can help us heal from pain and finding the place between control and chaos when we can give ourselves to the moment is transformative and above all cathartic Personally, I find archery extremely therapeutic. I put my anger into the arrow and send it into the target. Doing projects like woodworking, chopping wood, or doing yard work , well activities that I can either excessively use my hammer or in some way cause controlled destruction. Playing video games, cleaning, building (controlled) fires, painting/refurbishing furniture, writing and poetry- just a few of my go to's for emotional outlet

6. Means of Expression

6.1. Denial

6.2. Projection

6.3. Integration

6.4. Transmutation

7. This is where we store the things the ego rejects and aspects we feel have been repressed, disowned, suppressed and overall been disapproved of. Embarrassing situation, insecurities, fears, wants that are ‘immoral’, taboos

8. 'What we resist, persists, embrace it & it will dissolve'

9. Means of Action

10. Identifying flaws through Self Reflection

11. Acceptance and Confidence

12. Goal:

13. Self evaluation and self awareness

14. Ability to rectify personal issues

15. Growth

16. Mental Fortitude

17. Self discipline

18. Self understanding and self knowledge

19. Self Mastery

20. Emotional control and awareness

21. Self love, confidence, self esteem and self respect

22. Looking at behaviors, past traumas, family situations, social life, etc we can assess how we've personally come to express our flaws in a way we may have not been able to before and begin to understand and conquer them

23. Having methods to identify the issues gives direction and makes the process easier

24. End realizations

25. a partner does not and cannot complete you; only you can do that. it is not anyone's job to take care of you or 'fix' you. Until that is realized you will continue to find the same type of people who: reflect the inner turmoil going on inside of you, treat you badly and step on you're emotions because you haven't set boundaries (boundaries go hand in hand with the value you have for yourself), or aren't what you value in a partner because you don't know what you value within yourself

26. bullying, taking revenge, getting 'back at people, gossiping, competition (dick measuring contests) all the petty high school antics are activities of those unhappy with themselves and trying to fill a void within themselves that they cant satisfy any other way.

27. Misery loves company

28. mastery of the universe begins within your self if you cant master yourself what true power can you have? that's right, none

29. self love and confidence is the most intimidating characteristic possible to those who are insecure, putting on airs, power hunger etc.

30. self knowledge and mastery is a super power but to many its becomes a reason to dislike or be angry with you- its common some will flock and some will avoid you like the plague and some will do both-in time

31. Most people act/react (to adversity) according to what's contained within their shadow. Most never want to address their issues or confront their 'demons' they look them in the face only to run away and coming to this understanding your reactions to them in general will probably change. Avoid being preachy, unless people actually want change/help/improved situation they'll just complain to hear themselves talk. I get frustrated with this so i usually walk away.

32. meditation will never stop being useful. so much comes from meditation and being one with nature/the surroundings

33. De Nile (denial) isn't just a river in Egypt, be realistic with yourself. we all have issues its perfectly ok address them and you can set yourself apart from most people and fix those issues

34. don't defend an idea or concept just because its familiar recognize things for what they are ex- defending or encouraging a women who hits her boyfriend 'you go girl, 'stand up for yourself'. First the implication that she was standing up for herself is assuming and unfair. Abuse is abuse if is walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it isn't a goddamn polar bear. Be accountable. Find other ways to build up your fellow women other than only banning together to bash on men.

35. Start being accountable for your life and your relationships, take ownership. your parents and upbringing can stand to be excuses for only so long and those excuses are past their expiration date. You control your life, your reality, your friends, the way you see yourself. Take charge

36. To start making changes change your language, the words you use influence how you feel about that thing or subject. Harsh lanugage towards yourself makes you feel more negatively about yourself. instead of beating yourself down say 'this isnt the best but im trying', instead of claiming something in entirety is for example 'stupid' instead say 'well that wasnt a smart thing to do'. Show yourself the care you provide for others

37. give yourself room for mistake, always encourage and never be negative with yourself because your words influence thoughts and beliefs

38. be grateful, dont always apologize instead thank, 'Thank you for waiting for me'

39. It is ok to ask for help, it is ok to see a doctor or other forms of medical/psychiatric help. If (group or individual) therapy works for you that's wonderful, if medication helps that's fantastic- continue to doing what works for you. Personally, medication made me worse.

40. This is beneficial for people in general but it isnt going to solve everything and continued invoved well being recuires further self care and attention to ones emotions

41. Personally, I realized, after a few months that my depression had shifted from my interpersonal issues to an outward perspective looking at the treatment of people, the treatment of animals, the inequalities, the balances of power, etc. etc. I no longer see myself as being worthless or unlovable, I am more drepressed and concered with the lack of compassion and other issues among the 'free' world that are out of my control.

42. Afew Important points