The U.S. Supreme Court

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The U.S. Supreme Court by Mind Map: The U.S. Supreme Court

1. Establishing the Supreme Court

1.1. Article III in the Constitution

1.2. The Judicial Act of 1789

1.3. The First Supreme Court and Washington's Appointments

2. Judicial Review

2.1. Overview of Judicial Review

2.2. Marbury V. Madison

2.3. List of Landmark Supreme Court Cases

3. The Court Today

3.1. The Justices serving today

3.2. Recent Rulings by the Court

3.3. The Roberts Court

4. How Justices are Appointed

4.1. Overview

4.2. The Process

4.3. List of Nominations and Results

4.4. Kavanaugh Confirmation

5. Checks and Balances

6. Separation of Powers