Types of Meetings

Ichrak HsoumiKhalil EssaiedMohamed Amine Dahmeni

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Types of Meetings by Mind Map: Types of Meetings

1. Information meetings

1.1. provide teams with top-down information

1.2. pass an important messages

1.3. shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes

2. Problem-solving meetings

2.1. solve problems

2.2. brings together all those concerned

2.3. discussion until the problems are solved

3. Collaborative meetings

3.1. The leader brings the work group together and everyone is called to take part

4. Department meetings

4.1. Weekly meetings or daily meetings

4.2. of all the members of a team take a part

4.3. the goal is to take an idea of the ongoing projects

5. Brainstorming

5.1. a technique to find new ideas

5.2. promotes creativity

5.3. encourages each employee to take part

6. Project meetings

6.1. Kick-off meeting

6.2. review meeting

7. Sales meetings

7.1. sales team

7.2. review each individual’s business objectives and performance

8. Training

8.1. help employees gain new skills

8.2. welcome new employees

9. One-to-ones

9.1. at least once a year or monthly meetings

9.2. encourages the exchange between the managers and employees

9.3. the goal is to build a relationship based on trust

10. Seminars

10.1. corporate events on a particular topic

10.2. based on conferences

11. Stand-up meetings

11.1. meeting technique to help get away from the daily grind

11.2. focus on efficiency

12. Remote meetings

12.1. telework, mobile workers and globalisation

12.2. the goal is to facilitate remote collaboration