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1. This evolution, here on this planet, which has made us human has been toward diversity and difference. That is, Nature has evolved distinct races and it is these different races which express our nature as humans, and thus our humanity.

2. To kick out Jewish people

2.1. Encourage Germans to beat up the Jewish and isolate them.

2.1.1. A greater step towards Hitler's 'pure' religion. Aryans

3. Want the younger generation to believe in Nazi Ideals.

3.1. Censoring inappropriate content from the textbook

3.2. Parents to buy toy soldiers for boys and toy tea sets for girls.

3.3. Subjects were all fixed to learning Nazi ideas, military subjects and superiority of Aryans

3.4. Colouring books picturing Hitler playing with little children.

3.5. Show that Hitler is a lovable ruler.

4. National-Socialism is fundamentally a spiritual Weltanschauung or 'philosophy of living' rather than a political belief or a political set of principles

5. Obey his rules

6. Stakeholders

6.1. Women- Goh Reina

6.2. Religion- Jenny Han

6.3. Education- Abbie Koh

6.4. Propaganda - Ho Sew Rong

6.5. Supporting Staff

7. Women

7.1. Adults

7.1.1. Women have been deprived for all rights except that of childbirth and hard labour. They are not permitted to participate in political life - in fact Hitler's plans eventually include the deprivation of the vote; they are refused opportunities of education and self-expression; careers and professions are closed to them. Hitler said that "women are unable to think logically or reason objectively, since they are ruled only by emotion." In 26th January 1942, Hilter said in a speech that, "I detest women who dabble in politics. And if their dabbling extends to military matters it becomes utterly unendurable. In no section of the Party has a woman ever had the right to hold even the smallest post." Women were not expected to work in Nazi Germany . In Weimar Germany there had been 100,000 female teachers, 3000 female doctors and 13,000 female musicians. Within months of Hitler coming to power, many female doctors and civil servants were sacked. This was followed by female teachers and lawyers

7.1.2. When war began, Hitler forbade women to work in the munitions factories for fear that they would lose their femininity under the stress of hard physical labour Hitler wanted many offspring from them. He even banned birth control methods and abortions. When Hitler gained power, he made a new law. This law stated that all newly married couples would get a government loan of 1000 marks which was about 9 months average income. 800,000 newly weds took up this offer. This loan was not to be simply paid back. The birth of one child meant that 25% of the loan did not have to be paid back. Two children meant that 50% of the loan need not be paid back. Four children meant that the entire loan was cleared. In Nazi Germany it was not considered a social problem if an unmarried woman had a child. In fact it was encouraged. The Nazis established Lebensborn’s which were buildings where selected unmarried women could go to get pregnant by a "racially pure" SS man. These were not buildings that were hidden away in some back street. The government openly publicised them and they had a white flag with a red dot in the middle to identify them to the public.

7.2. Children

7.2.1. Before Nazis came to power, there were 18,315 women students in Germany's universities. However, by 1939, it had fallen to 5,447.

7.2.2. Young girls from the age of ten onward were taken into organizations where they were taught only two things: to take care of their bodies so they could bear as many children as the state needed and to be loyal to National Socialism.

7.3. Physical Constraints

7.3.1. Not allowed to wear make up.

7.3.2. No smoking as it is seen as un-German.

7.3.3. Long hair or put in buns or plaits.

7.3.4. Not allowed to dye hair or perm hair

7.3.5. Not allowed to slimming as it is said that it will be unhealthy for the baby

7.3.6. A woman's life was described as "Church, Children and Cooking".

7.4. Propoganda

7.4.1. There was a lot of propaganda about the ideal German family. Photographs and posters showed the woman looking after the children and the man going out to work and protecting the wife.

8. Religion

8.1. The Spiritual Importance of Race

8.1.1. According to National-Socialism, an individual is part of their folk - a part of the race to which they belong and which they represent. An individual is thus of Nature, and thus a part of the process of evolution which makes Nature what it is. Furthermore, an individual is thus 'the cosmos in evolution' - the Being of the cosmos made manifest in that individual.

8.2. Becoming a National-Socialist

8.2.1. The Nine Fundamental Principles of National-Socialism

8.2.2. 1) In everything that you do or undertake, strive for excellence. 2) Do your duty by placing the welfare and well-being of your race and culture before your own self-interest, and seek to preserve and extend your race by marrying among your own kind, and by producing/nurturing healthy children. 3) Uphold the noble ideal of honour in your own personal life, and strive to live, and die, in an honourable way. 4) Strive to uphold the noble, human, ideals of fairness and courtesy by being fair and courteous toward others, regardless of their race and culture, and strive to treat animals in a humane way. 5) Be loyal to those you have sworn loyalty to, if necessary unto death. Your word, once given, should not be broken since to break your word is a dishonourable act. 6) Be intolerant of what is harmful and unhealthy to, and what endangers, your race, and what is detrimental to the other creations of the divine. 7) Reverence Nature and be respectful toward what reveals or expresses the divine. 8) Always be ready, willing and physically fit enough to defend yourself and your family - and thus your own personal honour - and always carry a defensive weapon to enable your honour to be saved. 9) Seek always to make the world a better, a more noble, place by striving to make others aware of the noble ideals of honour, loyalty and duty.

8.3. Immortality and the Quest for Excellence

8.3.1. First, it is necessary for individuals to change themselves - to begin a process of inner transformation in accordance with the divine wisdom which National-Socialism reveals. Second, it is necessary for those who accept this wisdom to strive to create a new way of living; that is, an entirely new type of society so that others of their kind can also change themselves and thus have the opportunity to evolve. This type of society is one which captures and expresses this divine wisdom in a practical way. To create this society, there has to be a striving, a struggle, a holy war, against those things and those people who consciously or otherwise are opposed in whatever way to the divine wisdom which Adolf Hitler has revealed to us.

8.3.2. Thus, National-Socialism affirms that it is possible for individuals to live-on, in another way, in another existence, after their mortal death. But for this immortality to be achieved, the individual must live and act in a certain way - they must achieve for themselves this new type of existence. For this supra-mortal existence is not given; it is not acquired by an 'act or acts of faith'. It requires action; it requires a striving by the individual to access and make real what is divine, what is necessary for further, higher, evolution. Thus to acquire this new type of existence there has to be a commitment by the individual not only to those noble values (such as honour, loyalty and duty) which express, here on this planet, what is divine, but there also has to be a commitment to implement these in a practical way for the benefit of others. It is thus noble, National-Socialist deeds which matter, not individual faith or individual fidelity in isolation.

8.4. The Joy of National-Socialism

8.4.1. National-Socialism is joyful and harmonious, and thus a religion of well-being and balance, because it seeks to create a society, or a way of living, where the two things necessary for both health and advancement exist together, without conflict. Indeed, National-Socialism is so special, and so important for us, because it alone expresses how this can be done. To be fully healthy, as individuals, we need a harmonious, beautiful, environment, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. These things mean Blood and Soil - an awareness of our heritage, our place 'in the scheme of things'; an awareness of our duties and responsibilities toward our folk-community and our race. They mean a reverence for the divine expressed by Nature and our race, and a joyous acceptance and celebration of our physical individuality. Blood and Soil also mean a sense of belonging: a homeland; somewhere special for us, where we belong.

9. Nazi Propaganda

9.1. Be loyal to Hitler and Support him

9.1.1. Uses words like 'we' and 'us' to show that they are together and would stand up for one another.

9.1.2. garnered the support to carry out his policy without any obstruction.

9.2. To Brainwash the Germans that he is a good ruler

9.2.1. Spread to a large scale Radio Newspaper Mass Rallies Schools and workplace

9.2.2. Praise Hitler that under his command, the country is prospering and is free from any dangers.

9.3. Main Objective is to influence the whole Germany to trust and obey him.

9.4. Wanted more people to join the military

9.4.1. World War 2 ahead

10. Education

10.1. Education was controlled by Nazis

10.1.1. Children were taught about the greatness of Hitler

10.1.2. From birth, children were told that the Germans were the master race

10.2. Primary School

10.2.1. Fairy stories of Nazi knights who saved maidens from bad Russian gnomes were taught

10.2.2. Math: counting of SS guards

10.3. Secondary School

10.3.1. Nazi teachers

10.3.2. Biology: emphasized the supremacy of the German race

10.3.3. History: taught about how the Treaty of Versailles was unfair

10.3.4. Math: Area of a swastika was included

10.4. Physical Education


10.4.2. Nazis wanted boys to be fit to be a good soldiers

10.4.3. Nazis wanted girls to be fit to be a healthy mother

10.5. Hitler Youth

10.5.1. For boys Go for camps and sports activities Teaching of Hitler's ideas

10.6. The League of German Maidens

10.6.1. For girls Preparation for their role of housewives Teaching of various household chores Weekend outings