Modern World History Current Events project

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COVID-19 by Mind Map: COVID-19

1. Capitalism

1.1. Brands like Amazon and other online brands thrived, while many in-person businesses shut down due to lack of traffic and lack of governmental assistance.

2. Globalization

2.1. Global communication became more common and important than ever, since most everyone was on the Internet at some point or another, and global communication was also important for managing the pandemic.

3. Socialism

3.1. The idea of socialism gained traction, as many people pointed out that capitalism was harming many people during the pandemic and in general.

4. Growth of Technology

4.1. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google meet gained popularity.

5. Social Classes

5.1. Less wealthy people who couldn’t afford to take time off a job for a pandemic suffered the most. Rich people were able to stay inside the entire time, but many simply did not and instead went on vacation.

6. Political Action

6.1. Politicians either pushed for or against regulations relating to COVID-19, ie mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, and quarantines. Now (May 2020) politicians are pushing for vaccinations across the country..