The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner by Mind Map: The Kite Runner

1. A couple of years later, Baba and Amir decide that they should leave Afghanistan. They leave their home in the middle of the night and go in a truck with a bunch of other people. To cross the border, a police officer wanted to take advantage sexually of a woman who was in the truck with them. Baba was almost murdered defending her. They then leave to Pakistan in a fuel truck.

1.1. Now in the US, AMir is ready to go to college for writing. His dad and him usually sell things in a flee market full of other people from Afghanistan and surrounding areas. He fell in love with a woman named Soraya. In Afghan customs, one must not talk to a woman without her father's permission. Amir is a simp and did not have the guts to talk to Soraya for a good while. they hit it off pretty well.

2. the beginning

2.1. Amir, the main character, and hassan, his best friend, live in Kabul. Amir is part of the upper class of afghanistan. Hassan, with his dad Ali, were servants to Amir and Baba. Amir's mother died giving birth to him, Hassan's mother left him to join a circus when he was a small child. Amir felt like Babba was always unsatisfied with Amir's actions. It did not matter what Amir did, his father never told him he was proud of him.

2.2. Amir liked to read to Hassan, who was iliterate because of being a Hazara muslim, which were discriminated against. Assef is a bully who mocks Hassan's dad, who was affected by polio. Hassan is a god with his slingshot. He is sometimes able to scare him and his friends away with it.

2.3. Baba never misses Hassa's birthday. For one of his birthdays, Babba gifts him a plastic surgery to fix his lip.

3. the climax?

3.1. During winter, the boys of Kabul do this tournament. They make or buy kites with glass shards encrusted on the strings attatched to them, and they fly the kites. They have to cut the string of the opponents' kites to win. When the kites fall, the kids chase and catch them. they are like trophies, especially the last kite to fall. Hassan is very good at it.

3.2. This winter's tournament, ammir was really pressured to win, so he could finally impress his father. He is doing very well on the tournament. Hassan is helping him. He wins the tournament. the other kite goes flying. Hassan was going to get it.

3.3. Hassan was not back. He decided to go looking for him. He found him in the hands of Assef and his friends. They also wanted the kite. They ended up raping him, while Amir just watched, without doing anything. Baba was finally proud of Amir. Hassan, on the other hand, was left with trauma.

4. the middle

4.1. Amir and Hassan avoid eachother a lot after the rape. THey both stopped sleeping. Amir started becoming a little more abusive towards Hassan. At his birthday party, he recieves a ton of presents, none of which satisfied them, except a notebook, gifted by Rahim Khan. He was also gifted money and a watch.

4.2. Amir put the watch and the money in Hassan's hut. He then told Baba that he was unable to find them. He set up hHassan and made it look like he stole the watch and the money. Baba asked Hassan if he did such thing. Hassan said that he did. Ali, his father decided that it would be best if they left Baba and Amir.

5. More stuff in the middle

5.1. Baba falls ill. He has cancer that spread to his brain. Getting him the medical help that he needed was definitely a big hastle. Amir asks him to ask General Taheri for Soraya's hand in marriage. Since Baba is very sick, they decide to do the traditional Afghan wedding ceremonies quickly. They get married and Baba dies.

5.2. They decide to have a house in San Francisco. Amir has published his first novel. Him and SOraya are trying to have a baby but they cannot concieve one.

5.3. One day, Amir recieved a call from Rahim Khan. He wants to see Amir in Pakistan. He goes there and meets him. Rahim tells him that the situation in Afghanistan is not very hot. He also todl him that he went searching for Hassan. He found him living in a hut with his family. He offered him to stay in Baba's old house with him. At first he said no, but he accepted later. Hassan had a boy whos name is Sohrab. Years later, Hassan was shot in the head by the taliban. His wife was shot too. It is later revealed to Amir that Hassan was actually his brother.

6. wow more stuff

6.1. Amir goes to Afghanistan with Farid. THey stayed with his brother Wahid. He asks Amir why he was in afghanistan, to which Farid lied and said that he was going to sell his land or something. Amir was truthful and said that he was going to get Sohrab from an orphanage so he could have a better quality of life. Wahid and his wife gave Amir all their food with the dinner they served, leaving the children without food for the night.

7. the end

7.1. THey go to the orphanage. The guy whowas taking care of it said that Sohrab was not in there. Amir said that he was his half uncle. When they entered, they saw rats and there were not enough supplies to take care of all the children. The man said that an officer of the Taliban took Sohrab. They visit Amir's old house. THey stay in a small hotel.

7.2. THe next day, they go to a soccer game. During the half time, the Taliban buries a man and a woman and the officer who took Sohrab throws rocks at them until they die. Farid has some connections so they meet The taliban official. THe taliban official is actually Assef, the bully. Sohrab is dressed funnily and made to dance for him. Assef then proceeds to punch Amir with his brass knuckles. Sohrab told Assef to stop. Assef was going to punch him too, but Sohrab hit Assef with his slingshot. Amir and Sohrab ran out of the house and Farid drove them out of there.

7.3. Amir falls out of conciousness, then wakes up in a hospital in Peshawar. Rahim Khan kicked the bucket, but he left Amir a note. It said that Baba felt very guilty about not being able to love Hassan openly, so he took it out on him. Amir asked Farid to look for the couple who was going to take care of Sohrab. The couple never existed. Amir left with Sohrab to Islambad