Blue Economy Project Proposals

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Blue Economy Project Proposals by Mind Map: Blue Economy Project Proposals

1. "Blue Energy"

1.1. Wave Energy

1.1.1. Transport and capture ocean surface waves to generate electricity and other uses

1.2. Ocean Biomass

1.2.1. Seaweed farming to produce large quantities of energy.

1.3. Tidal Energy

1.3.1. Renewable energy produced by the rise and fall of the tides; more predictable than wind and sun.

2. Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

2.1. Restore reefs by creating artificial reefs to create habitats for marine life and also create artificial wave barriers to reduce erosion from rising sea levels.

2.2. Restore seagrass habitats

2.3. Negatively affected by massive aquaculture operations

2.4. Regulations for overfishing; work to protect oceans so populations can rebound

3. Food Security

3.1. Aquaculture

3.1.1. Pros: Source of food, source of income, flebibility

3.1.2. Cons: Enabling invasive species, contaminants water and threatens coastal ecosystems, affects wild fish populations

3.1.3. Opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship

3.1.4. Farming of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms.

4. Climate Change

4.1. Ocean acidification

4.1.1. Reduce the use of fossil fuels

4.1.2. Ability to absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere decreased

4.2. Restore mangroves, salt marshes, and sea grass to regain carbon sequestration

5. Tourism

5.1. Reduce greenhouse gases through renewable energy

5.2. Waste generation

5.2.1. Dual flush toilets

5.2.2. Biogas- renewable source of energy

5.2.3. Fertilizer

5.2.4. Hydrogen fuel

6. Agriculture

6.1. Reusing sewage to irrigate and fertilize fields