Indian Ocean Trade Impact

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Indian Ocean Trade Impact by Mind Map: Indian Ocean Trade Impact

1. Human Environment

1.1. 1. Linked southeast asia, India, Arabia, & East Africa

1.2. 2. had strong trade ties ith foreign countries

1.3. 3. religions spread and there were many converts

2. Culture

2.1. 1. cultures mixed and combined (Hellenistic cultures form)

2.2. 2. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism spread from India to Southeast Asia

2.3. 3. Islam spread throughout the continent

3. Technology

3.1. 1. The compass was created to navigate

3.2. 2. Lug sails were created for easier travel

3.3. 3. Indians learned how to crystallize sugar

4. Government

4.1. 1. Merchants were in charge of the trade and made all the rules

4.2. 2. The Song rulers created a powerful imperial navy to control piracy

4.3. 3. The Yongle Emperor sent out expeditions to visit all of the empire's major trading partners around the Indian Ocean.

5. SIO

5.1. 1. developed a powerful navy to control piracy

5.2. 2. travellers were extremely wealthy and lived luxurious lifestyles

5.3. 3. merchants were a source of religious spread

6. Economics

6.1. 1. Growth in the ecpnomy because of sucessful trade

6.2. 2. impolrted costal goods, silk, porcelian, spices, inscence, ivory, etc.

6.3. 3. good trade flourished the Indian ocean bassin