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Rock a thon by Mind Map: Rock a thon

1. inside

1.1. silent auction (Shama)

1.1.1. shama run selling mints, facilitating clipboard sign ups

1.1.2. donations lisa thomas collected! :) subway? HoM? instrument and lesson basket? Alyssa? Bike Shop? Binny's Depot? LifeTime? Buona Beef? Gamestop? Orland Park Public Library? SkyZone? Silverlake Golf axe throwing

1.2. bake sale (Susie)

1.2.1. Ava run sales

1.2.2. musical chairs for pie circle game?

1.2.3. Nothing Bundt Cakes Donation?

1.3. stage/lobby (Bri)

1.3.1. karaoke

1.3.2. guess the face game

1.3.3. crafts

1.3.4. trivia

1.3.5. movie

1.4. rooms (susie zielke)

1.4.1. room 1: face painting

1.4.2. room 2: bozo buckets hom merch other gear?

1.4.3. room 3: video game (guitar hero, ddr, beatsaber?

1.5. Front Counter (Anna)

1.5.1. selling normal gear/merch

1.5.2. should/can we sell h2o, gatorade, juiceboxes, candy, popcorn?

1.5.3. selling raffle tickets and split the pot tickets

1.5.4. store-wide discounts

2. outside

2.1. Vendors

2.1.1. Italian Villa pizza slices

2.1.2. Grape Vine arabic finger foods

2.1.3. Mastic Gelato ice cream treats

2.1.4. Fatties Pub meals, alcohol, soda

2.2. seating

2.2.1. 2 rows of 5 in front of the stage for handicap seating

2.3. Tents

2.3.1. Entrance selling bracelets entrance to event Fatties security THIS IS THE HOM TENT

2.3.2. Exit Near grapevine 1 Fatties security guy 1 volunteer to facilitate the outdoor activities there

2.3.3. italian villa

2.3.4. engineer tent

2.4. delorian guy

3. performance

3.1. fundraiser sponser sheets due June 7th

3.1.1. Setlist times will rely heavily on this sheet once turned in

3.2. set list

3.2.1. HoM bands

3.2.2. Musical Theater?

3.2.3. headliners: Late Night Coffee, Disaster Sounds, Ramzi, possibly Scooby

3.2.4. Fire Spinning Act cam and friends may need a fire marshall?

3.3. Pictures/Videos

3.3.1. create a hashtag for parents to use to tag HoM

3.3.2. Alyssa's camera

3.3.3. ask suzanne?