The Andean Condor

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The Andean Condor by Mind Map: The Andean Condor

1. We must remember that condors have only one mate for their entire life, so their reproduction is a little more complicated.

2. The initial population of condors in Ecuador was 197 individuals in 1991.

3. The current population of condors in Ecuador is 49 condors in 2020.

4. After several cases of attacks on condors (the most named happened in 2019) gave way to the creation of an article in defense of this species.

4.1. Article 71 of Ecuador's Constitution establishes the State's responsibility to guarantee the rights of nature; in this case the conservation of the Andean condor in the wild and its own habitat.

5. The most pronounced case of attacks on this species was when a young condor was found in Tena, victim of a pellet attack.

5.1. This caused a division of criteria, leading to the creation of more areas for the protection of this species.

6. The three main reserves in charge of caring for this species are: "El Cóndor", "El Quimi" and "El Cerro Plateado".

7. There is also a wildlife refuge called "El Zarza". Together the four areas protect more than 41,000 hectares of one of the least known areas of Ecuador.

8. All these areas are intended to care for endangered species, but above all, the Ecuadorian condor and preserve its offspring.