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ITALIAN 001 by Mind Map: ITALIAN 001

1. Day 4

2. Day 2 (Visita alla città di Roma - Visit Rome)

2.1. 2.1 Lesson 1/AKA "morning"

2.1.1. Scene 1 - Sitting at outside table of bar in Piazza Navona Student thinks about how to refer to the historic sights of Rome in conversation. He/she also looks at images from Day 1 check-in/lunch/dinner to practice articles. Integrated Tutorial #10: Indefinite Articles. Indefinite, definite, single, and plural nouns are reviewed/reinforced. A reference guide table is provided. Activity 1 drag and drop (indefinite articles, definite articles and plural nouns) + Activity 2 type an answer (indefinite articles vs definite articles; singular/plural noun endings)

2.1.2. Scene 2 - La Fontana di Trevi
 (The Trevi Fountain) Student sits at a table with two Italian friends and listens to them as they discuss what they like using “mi piace” and “mi piacciono.” Integrated Tutorial #11: Piacere. Activity 3 matching (use of "mi piace' and 'mi piacciono) + Activity 4 listening and pronunciation (use of "mi piace' and 'mi piacciono) + Activity 5 listening comprehension (practice in understanding native spearker???)

2.2. 2.2 Lesson 2/AKA "noon" to "afternoon"

2.2.1. Scene 3 - Outside the Pantheon Student listens to audio recording of instructor highlights selection of key Roman sights and announces that he/she can't wait to.... Activity 6 voice thread recording by instructor

2.2.2. Scene 4 - Inside the Pantheon Student listens to Q&A between a tour guide and the tourists to learn cultural info and gain familiarity with present tense verb endings. Integrated Tutorial #12: What is a Verb Conjugation? Conjugate present tense verbs by taking activities. Activity 7 listening comprehension (present tense verb ending + Activity 8 type an answer ( conjugate present tense verbs) + Activity 9 listening comprehension (present tense verb ending)

2.2.3. Scene 5 - Giolitti’s Gelateria Student gets to order a gelato and needs to tell which flavor or flavors he/she prefers using the word preferire (to prefer). Integrated Tutorial # 13: Spelling Rules and Conjugating Verbs. Activity 10 type an answer (conjugate verbs in present tense)

2.3. 2.3 Lesson 3/AKA "late afternoon"

2.3.1. Scene 6 - Castel Sant Angelo Student listens to conversation between Antonio and Chiara to get introduced to irregular verbs andare (to go) and venire (to come). Student gets to meet Antonio's friend from Germany, Fritz, and introduced each other. An activity to encourage conversations and practice: (1) introduction, (2) use of piace, (3) use of andare, (4) use of vedere. Activity 11 listening comprehension (irregular verbs andare (to go) and venire (to come)) + Activity 12 type an answer (Review basic introductions and practise verb conjugation) + Activity 13 voice thread practice (pair with another student to practice basic introductions and practise verb conjugation)

2.4. 2.4 Lesson 4/AKA "evening"

2.4.1. Scene 7 - bar at Hotel Montecarlo Student finds idioms with avere in gradebook. Integrated Tutorial #14: Idioms with avere. Student listens to a conversation between a mom and her two boys as they use idiomatic expression with avere. Activity 14 drag and drop (idioms with avere) + Activity 15 type an answer (idioms with avere)

2.5. Graded Assessments for Day 2 (ideas)

2.5.1. Auto-graded Day quiz: multiple choice, T/F, fill in blank(s)

2.5.2. Instructor graded oral pronunciation

2.5.3. Instructor graded writing sample

2.5.4. Instructor graded translation

2.5.5. Instructor graded eLive recorded conversation practice between partners

2.5.6. Instructor graded Voice Thread recording

2.5.7. Blogging & self-reflection

3. Day 1 (Arrivo a Roma e all’hotel Montecarlo - Arrival in Rome and at the Montecarlo)

3.1. 1.1 Lesson 1/AKA "morning"

3.1.1. Scene 1 - Airport Train Station Student watches conversation between traveler and agent to purchase ticket. They are asked to practice greetings and buy train ticket. Integrated with Tutorial #1 on Greetings (included in conversation about tickets) and Tutorial #2 on Counting from 1-20 (included in student purchasing tickets to practice numbers). Activity 1 listening and pronunciation (conversation between traveler and personnel) + Activity 2 matching (count from 0-20 in Italian). Betsy: video on greetings. Chris: games on numbers/counting.

3.1.2. Scene 2 - At Roma Termini Student reads directions on how to get to the hotel from the station. Integrated with Tutorial #3 on Cognates. Activity 3 reading comprehension (cognates)

3.1.3. Scene 3 - At the Hotel Montecarlo reception desk Student listens to the conversation between guest and personnel, then listens and reads (have text appear), then reads his/her part, finally listens/responds without textual prompt. Integrated Tutorial #4 on Subject Pronouns and Tutorial #5 Greetings: Kiss/Handshake? Activity 4 listening and pronunciation (conversation between guest and receptionist) + Activity 5 drag and drop (comprehension of formal vs. informal subject pronouns for 'you') + Activity 6 cultural hotspot (formal vs. informal greetings)

3.2. 1.2 Lesson 2/AKA "noon" to "afternoon"

3.2.1. Scene 4 - At the hotel bar Student listens to conversations at the hotel bar to tell how well people know each other. Reinforces recognition of formal and informal greetings. Student is presented script 1 (a formal conversation) and script 2 (an informal conversation), and listening comprehension is tested. Activity 7 listening comprehension (varying degrees of formality in spoken Italian) + Activity 8 drag and drop (speakers address each other formally or informally) + Activity 9 reading comprehension/T or F.

3.2.2. Scene 5 - A first stroll around Rome Student tags along a couple of Americans and practice identifying verb cognates. Tutorial #3 on Cognates is brought back for review purpose. Activity 10 listening comprehension (cognates) + Activity 11 hotspot (verb cognates)

3.3. 1.3 Lesson 3/AKA "evening"

3.3.1. Scene 6 - Sitting outside the bar Student joins the American group for coffee. A native Italian joins the conversation and offers to polish pronunciation. Integrated Tutorial #6 False Friends when student and the American group point out the cognates they saw earlier. The waitress helps student learn the verb essere, or ‘to be’. Integrated Tutorial #7 Equivalents of the verb ‘to be.’ Juan's question: 1. from page 24 and 26, shall we add a tutorial for Meaning and Usage of ‘Ecco!’, ‘C’è’ and ‘Ci sono’? 2. page 30 starts with a note "link to Adobe Tutorial #7: Avere, 'to have' but I don't see a context. Activity 12 listening comprehension (pronunciation rules) + Activity 13 listening comprehension (meaning and usage of Usage of ‘Ecco!’, ‘C’è’ and ‘Ci sono’) + Activity 14 listening comprehension (meaning and usage of Usage of ‘Ecco!’, ‘C’è’ and ‘Ci sono’) + Activity 15 listening and pronunciation (conjugate the verb ‘essere’/’to be’) + Activity 16 drag and drop (Practice conjugation of verb ‘to be’) + Activity 17 drag and drop (Practice conjugation of verb ‘to have’) + Activity 8 drag and drop (verbs express "to be")

3.4. 1.4 Lesson 4/AKA "night"

3.4.1. Scene 7 - First dinner in Italy Student looks at two menus and choose a place to have dinner. Integrated Tutorial # 8: Nouns: Gender, Number and Articles. Activity 19 drag and drop (gender of nouns and appropriate definite article) + Activity 20 type an answer (singular and plural definite articles) + Activity 21 Listening & Pronunciation (place order at an Italian restaurant)

3.5. Graded Assessments for Day 1 (ideas)

3.5.1. Auto-graded Day quiz: multiple choice, T/F, fill in blank(s)

3.5.2. Instructor graded oral pronunciation

3.5.3. Instructor graded writing sample

3.5.4. Instructor graded translation

3.5.5. Instructor graded eLive recorded conversation practice between partners

3.5.6. Instructor graded Voice Thread recording

3.5.7. Blogging & self-reflection

4. Day 3 (Ultimo giorno a Roma - Last Day in Rome)

4.1. 3.1 Lesson 1/AKA "morning"

4.1.1. Scene 1 - Pasticceria Student finds a 24 hour pasticcerie and gets introduced to ways to describe Italian pastries with adjectives ending in -o/-a in singular, and -i/-e in plural. Integrated Tutorial #15: Adjectives. Activity 1 hotspots (two types of adjective endings) + Activity 2 drag and drop (practice in adjective agreement. use same adjective in both the singular and plural forms)

4.1.2. Scene 2 - Vatican Museums - Sistine Chapel Student is introduced the cultural info on Sistine Chapel to hear adjectives used in context. Matches a noun with a logical adjective. Activity 3 advanced listening, T/F comprehension (adjectives used in context) + Activity 4 drag and drop (particular pairings of noun and adjective)

4.2. 3.2 Lesson 2/AKA "noon" to "afternoon"

4.2.1. Scene 3: Piazza San Pietro Student meets Lorenzo who he met at the Trevi Fountain. Lorenzo describes Piazza San Pietro. Integrated Tutorial #16: Possessive Adjectives. Student leafs through a magazine with houses and housing goods, and hears Lorenzo tell which items he has at his home. Activity 5 drag and drop/matching (possessive adjectives) + Activity 6 drag and drop/fill in the blank (possessive adjective agreement) + Activity 7 Matching (possessive adjective agreement of housing goods)

4.2.2. Scene 4 - Basilica di San Pietro Lorenzo introduced to student the cultural information on St Peter’s Basilica. Activity 8 listening comprehension (cultural info on St Peter’s Basilica)

4.3. 3.3 Lesson 3/AKA "evening"

4.3.1. Scene 5 - La città Vaticano Student and Lorenzo go through websites and images of Vatican life. Student is introduced to forms of irregular verbs stare/fare/dare/dire. Integrated Tutorial #17: Irregular verbs: stare/fare/dare/dire. Student checks email from Antonio which reinforced forms of irregular verbs stare/fare/dare/dire. By matching different subjects/different forms of the verb bere + different drink options + a logical time of day/occasion, student gets to practice the use of irregular verb bere. Activity 9 reading/listening comprehension (websites and images of Vatican life) + Activity 10 matching (different subject + correct form of four verbs) + Activity 11 reading comprehension (Antonio's email) + Activity 12 matching (what+drink+time/occasion)

4.4. 3.4 Lesson 4/AKA "night"

4.4.1. Scene 6 - Facciamo festa! Antonio’s Birthday Party Student is invited to Antonio's Birthday party, and gets to chat with over 15 guests and answers all kinds of questions, a way to function as a cumulative assessment of the first three ‘days’ of the course. Idioms with fare are introduced. Cultural info on Saint’s Days and onomastici is played to practice listening comprehension. Activity 13 listening comprehension and speaking (Antonio's guests ask questions) + Activity 14 matching (idioms with fare) + Activity 15 fill in the blank (idioms with fare) + Activity 16 listening comprehension (cultural info)

4.5. Graded Assessments for Day 3 (ideas)

4.5.1. Auto-graded Day quiz: multiple choice, T/F, fill in blank(s)

4.5.2. Instructor graded oral pronunciation

4.5.3. Instructor graded writing sample

4.5.4. Instructor graded translation

4.5.5. Instructor graded eLive recorded conversation practice between partners

4.5.6. Instructor graded Voice Thread recording

4.5.7. Blogging & self-reflection

5. Day 5

6. Day 14

7. Day 13

8. Day 12

9. Day 11

10. Day 10

11. Day 9

12. Day 8

13. Day 7

14. Day 6

15. Day 15