Strategic Defence Management

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Strategic Defence Management by Mind Map: Strategic Defence Management

1. Strategic Planning

1.1. A plan of action designed to achieve a long term or overall aim.

1.2. Strategy depends on foresight horizon: how far ahead, how much, thinks he can foresee.

1.3. The future is not foreseeable, at lease not in a very useful sense. The challenge is to cope with uncertainty, not try to diminish it. (Colin S. Gray)

2. Strategic Foresight

2.1. 1. About combining methods of future work with those of strategic management

2.2. 2. It is about understanding upcoming external changes in relation to internal capabilities.

2.3. 3. It is considered a key concept of any strategic planning endeavour.

2.4. 4. Some argue that strategic foresight is simply impossible or heavily constrained

3. Strategic Management

3.1. The art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives

3.2. 4 function : Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling

3.3. Stages: Strategy Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Strategy Evaluation.

4. Risk Analysis

4.1. Non Traditional Threats

4.1.1. Terrorism/Daesh/IS

4.1.2. Kidnap/Ransom Border Disputes

4.1.3. Piracy

4.1.4. Illegal Fishing

4.1.5. Human Trafficking

4.1.6. Drug Smuggling

4.1.7. Contraband

4.1.8. Internal Security (Political Climate/NGO demand)

4.1.9. Crime - Domestic and Transnational

4.2. Regional Issues

4.2.1. SCS

4.2.2. Maritime Overlapping Claims

4.2.3. South Thailand

4.2.4. South Philipines

4.3. Global Security Issues

4.3.1. Terrorism

4.3.2. Piracy

4.3.3. Disease

4.3.4. Food Security

4.3.5. Water Security

4.3.6. Global Commons

4.3.7. Natural Disasters

4.3.8. Cybersecurity

5. Conclusion

5.1. Given limits of forecasting even in the era big data. Refined Risk Assessment Techniques. States should retain worse case capabilities to deter, scale up to fight.

5.2. Era of resourses scarcity, vital interest should attend first.