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Juror #3 by Mind Map: Juror #3

1. Strong

1.1. Page 47: Shut up you son of a bitch!

1.1.1. Page 47: Shut up! Page 71: You're the worst son of a...I think he's guilty.

2. Forceful

2.1. Page 39: Listen, you voted "guilty", didn't you? What side are you on?

2.1.1. Page 47: For this kid? You bet I'd like to pull the switch Page 25: "You're not sure about what? Now wait a second. What are you, the kids lawyer or something/ Who do you think you are to start cross-examining us?" Page 27: "What do you mean - take it easy! D'you feel like seeing a proven murderer walking the streets? Why don't we give him his knife back? Make it easier for him."

3. Humorless

3.1. Page 29: "Look, I was a little excited. Well, you know how it is - I didn't mean to get nasty or anything."

3.1.1. Page 27: "You bet I'm excitable. We're trying to put a guilty man into the chair where he belongs and all of a sudden somebody's telling us fairy tales - and we're listening" Page 41: Oh now listen! What are you talking about? I mean we're all going crazy in here or something! This kid is guilty. Why don'tcha pay attention to the facts. Listen, tell him, will ya? This is getting to be a goddamn joke! "This isn't a game". Who does he think he's dealing with in here? Page 33

4. Strict

4.1. Page 17: "It's the kids, the way they are nowadays. Angry! Hostile! You can't do a damn thing with them. Just the way they talk to you. Listen, when i was his age I used to call my father "Sir". That's right, "Sir!" You ever hear a boy call his father that anymore?"

4.1.1. Page 7: "I'm telling you sometimes I think we'd be better off if we took these kids and slapped 'em down before they make trouble [...] Save us a lot of time and money"

5. Forces others to agree with him

5.1. Listen, all of this is just talk. The boy lied and you know it. Page 24

5.1.1. Page 23: "[shouting] And i'm saying it's not possible."

6. His opinion is right

6.1. P.62: "You’re giving us a lot of mumbo-jumbo here. I don’t believe it."

6.1.1. Page 15: "there are facts for you. You can't refute facts. This boy is guilty"

7. Full of himself

7.1. P.72: "My god don't you see? How come i'm the only one who sees."

7.1.1. P.72: "Everything—every single thing that came out in that courtroom, but I mean everything, says he’s guilty. Do you think I’m an idiot or something? You lousy bunch of bleeding hearts. You’re not goin’ to intimidate me. I’m entitled to my opinion. I can sit in this goddamn room for a year. Somebody say something."