Follower Centric Leadership

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Follower Centric Leadership by Mind Map: Follower Centric Leadership

1. Meindl - Increased awareness of role follower in leader-follower relationship

1.1. Followers as moderators

1.1.1. followers have characteristics that influence the leader

1.2. Followes as recipients

1.2.1. followers are passive

1.3. Followers as substitutes

1.3.1. followers have a reduced need for leadership

1.4. Followers as constructiors

1.4.1. Romanticized/Social Contagion Celebrity CEO

1.4.2. Social Identity Theory - Like Attracts Like Projection Transference

1.4.3. Psychoanalytics Dependence Counter dependenct Independence

2. Charisma

2.1. Personality of leaders AND followers are variables in relationship. Had not conidered this but it does have merit in terms of how influencial some charismatic leaders have

2.1.1. Psychoanalytics/Toxic Leaders

3. Followers as Leaders - Shared Leadership

3.1. Works in flat org

3.1.1. Difficult in hierarchial organizations

3.2. Can rotate responsibilities in team

3.3. Distributed Learning

4. Followers as Co-producers of Leadership

4.1. Equilibrium b/t F&L

4.2. LMX

4.3. Leaders can learn from Followers

5. External influences

5.1. Culture

5.2. Threat

5.3. Crisis

6. Followers does not equal collaborators. colleagues, etc - power dimension?

6.1. Authors suggest that are words that can be used interchangeably but in my organization there is a difference between a follower and team member or colleague

7. Psychological Safety

7.1. Meeting needs of followers

8. Who does not want to be a leader?

8.1. Apparently alot! That does not align with my org culture which is very much about developing leadership potential.

8.1.1. No leadership potential = no career progression