Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Primary Programming

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Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Primary Programming by Mind Map: Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Primary Programming

1. Curricular knowledge

1.1. Scaffolding

1.2. Having good subject knowledge and places to go to further develop this

1.3. Making use of technology and software available such as Scratch

1.4. Being able to make links to other subject areas such as maths with a quiz, learning projects quiz etc.

2. Teaching Experience

2.1. Constructivist

2.1.1. Chances for the children to explore and develop their understanding through trial and error

2.2. Instructivist

2.2.1. Direct teaching and opportunities for the children to learn directly from me

2.3. Use-modify-create and PRIMM

3. Knowledge of learners

3.1. Understanding and assessing what they know

3.2. Planning opportunities for discussion and transition into use-modify-create or PRIMM

4. Subject matter content

4.1. Variables

4.2. Sequences

4.3. Repetition

4.4. Algorithms vs code

5. Pedagogical knowledge

5.1. Blooms

5.2. SOLO

6. Representation of ideas

6.1. Unplugged opportunities

6.2. Use of pre-made resources from NCCE and CAS to demonstrate

6.3. Through use of stories and analogies/comparisons