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Effective Communication by Mind Map: Effective Communication

1. Nonverbal Communication

1.1. Use complimentary body language

1.2. Use open body language

1.3. Be aware of individual differences

1.4. Don't over-analyze every gesture

1.5. Adjust your nonverbal signals according to context

2. Engaged Listening

2.1. Avoid distractions

2.2. Favor your right ear

2.3. Avoid Interrupting

2.4. Avoid anecdotes

2.5. Show interest

2.6. Avoid judging

2.7. Provide feedback

3. Managing Stress

3.1. Use stalling tactics when necessary

3.2. An occasional pause is not harmful

3.3. Provide examples to your points

3.4. Deliver your words very clearly

3.5. Summarize what you spoke about after you finish

3.6. Look for humor in the situation

3.7. Be willing to compromise

3.8. Agree to disagree

4. Asserting Yourself

4.1. Value yourself and your opinions

4.2. Know your wants and needs

4.3. Learn to say "no"

4.4. Express negative thoughts

5. Common barriers

5.1. Accelerated Emotions

5.2. Inconsistent Body Language

5.3. Negative Body Language

5.4. Lack of focus