The impact of social media on people

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The impact of social media on people by Mind Map: The impact of social media on people

1. Advantages

1.1. Easier to get informed

1.1.1. News all over the world More sources, thus impartiality

1.2. Able to communicate with people all over the world

1.2.1. Make new friends

1.2.2. Share your opinions

1.3. Advertisement

1.3.1. Easier to buy or sell

1.4. Online education

1.4.1. Learn a new language

1.4.2. Online school

1.5. Creativity

1.5.1. Influence or get influenced

1.6. Entertain yourself

1.6.1. Find music for free

1.6.2. Watch movies or documentaries

1.7. Charity

1.8. Raising awareness

1.8.1. Promote peace Respect people of colour; People of colour LGBTQ+ community People with disabilities Women

1.9. Providing evidence to open cases

1.10. Meet a new culture

1.10.1. Learn about; Their traditions Thier ethics Their history Their dress code Their cuisine Their language

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Misinformation

2.1.1. Defamation

2.2. Psychological problems

2.2.1. Addiction

2.2.2. Low self-esteem Body dysmorphic disorder Bulemia Anorexia

2.2.3. Tend to isolate themselves

2.2.4. Bottling up feelings

2.3. Inappropriate behaviour

2.3.1. Defamation

2.3.2. Gossip

2.4. Irregular sleep schedule

2.5. Crime

2.5.1. Dox

2.5.2. Fraud Financial Catfish

2.5.3. Kidnapping Trafficking

2.5.4. Drugs, Guns

2.5.5. Theft

2.5.6. Tolerance of violence

2.6. Lack of privacy

2.7. Stalking

2.8. Energy drainer